Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

You have made a long way to earn the trust of the Bear Tribe and have spoken to Chieftain Glous, who needs your help.

The chieftain is searching for the call of the Bear Tribe’s ancients and he wishes to answer by following the origin of the voices.

Chieftain Glous has asked you to accompany him into the Hallowed Glacier, where the two of you will search for answers.

Call of the Ancients (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Call of the Ancients Quest?

The Call of the Ancients side quest will not be available the first time you head into the Bear Tribe Refuge but will only appear after you have progressed with them.

This requires that you have completed The Beast’s Challenge, which can be obtained from Greganoch, and afterward, you can speak to Chieftain Glous to begin this side quest.

Call of the Ancients Objectives

1) Enter the Hallowed Glacier

After speaking with Chieftain Glouse, he will begin to follow you as you make your way inside the Hallowed Glacier nearby. (Marked on your map)

2) Explore the Glacial Tunnels with Chieftain Glous

The dungeon will be a bit bigger than most of the ones you have been through but you can make your way quickly through it by choosing the topmost path and by continuing east.

3) Slay Gharl

You and Glous will encounter an enemy named Gharl and will need to slay it before you can continue exploring the area.

4) Explore the Blood with Chieftain Glous

After slaying Gharl, continue making your way towards the east and you will come across a sealed door that needs a Bloodstone to be opened up.

5) Slay Sakoth

Slaying Sakoth

After slaying Gharl, continue making your way towards the east and you will come across a sealed door that needs a Bloodstone to be opened up.

6) Bring the Bloodstone to the Bloodstone Pedestal

With Sakoth out of the way, you may continue making your way back to the sealed door and place the Bloodstone on its pedestal.

7) Find the source of the Ancient’s Call with Chieftain Glous

Once the door has opened up, you and Glous will proceed inside only to find a Shaman who has been captured and is bound to the ground.

8) Speak with Kravett, the Bear Tribe Shaman

You will need to interact with the Shaman called Kravet and a short dialogue will begin before an enemy called Cyhrach the First Born, Deathless Ancient.

9) Slay Cyhrach

Slaying Cyhrach

By teaming up with Glous, the two of you will need to fight the Deathless Ancient until it has been slain, which will cause the side quest to be complete.

Call of the Ancients Quest Rewards

Once you and Glous have defeated Cyhrach and have spoken to Kravett, the Call of the Ancients side quest will be complete, rewarding you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Elixir Cache


It looks like the voice coming from tunnels was something evil rather than something that wanted to bestow blessings upon the tribe.

Thanks to your help, Glous was able to make it out alive and received the Shaman’s blessing to bestow upon the rest of the tribe.

Not only have you proven your worth as a warrior, but you are also not considered kin to the Bear Tribe Refuge and those within it.

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