Diablo 4 Blood Sermon Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

Arriving in the Bear Tribe Refuge, you stumble upon Sister Vera who tells you about a dying Knight accidentally confessing to her by mistake.

It appears that the Knight and his comrades were after a Red Chalice, which would supposedly grant them eternal life.

Sister Vera wants you to head to the Sanguine Chapel and take the Red Chalice from them, which later ends with you meeting a Bishop who leads the Knights.

Blood Sermon (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Blood Sermon Quest?

You may begin the Blood Sermon side quest by speaking to Sister Vera, who can be found in the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Fractured Peaks.

Blood Sermon Objectives

1) Enter the Sanguine Temple

After speaking to Sister Vera, you will need to make your way to the Sanguine Chapel, which will be marked on your map. (To the very east of the Fractured Peaks)

2) Slay the Bishop and take the Red Chalice

Slaying the Bishop and taking the Red Chalice

This may be a bit confusing at first because there are some enemies in the Sanguine Chapel that are also Bishops but you need to reach the end of the dungeon.

You will need to progress to the end of the dungeon and defeat the Blood Bishop, who will drop the Red Chalice, which you will need to pick up.

3) Speak with Sister Vera

Once you have taken the Red Chalice, you may head back to the Bear Tribe Refuge and speak with Sister Vera to complete the side quest.

Blood Sermon Quest Rewards

Once you and Glous have defeated Cyhrach and have spoken to Kravett, the Blood Sermon side quest will be complete, rewarding you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Murmuring Cache
  • 30 Fractured Peaks Renown


Now that you have taken out a Blood Bishop, another horror in the world is no more and the addition of Sister Vera destroying the Red Chalice may put an end to more problems.

The Knights had been drinking from it after being swayed by the Blood Bishop, promising them eternal life if they complied with his orders.

With this out of the way, it seems that the Bear Tribe may have fewer enemies to deal with and they are grateful for what you have done.

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