Diablo 4 Righteous Idol Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

In the past, you have found an Old Faded Painting and a Merchant’s Ledger in Dobrev Taiga, which you had both given to Zalan Coste.

This time around, you were able to get your hands on something that is also familiar to him, which makes it time to give him another visit.

It seems that the Armor Vendor in Yelesna had more than just armor since he had a Carved Wooden Knight for sale.

Righteous Idol (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Righteous Idol Quest?

The Righteous Idol side quest becomes available after you have completed the Unwritten End side quest, where you previously brought a Merchant’s Ledger back to Zalan Coste.

You can begin this side quest by visiting the Armor Merchant in Yelesna as a new side quest can be started by purchasing the Carved Wooden Knight from him.

Righteous Idol Objectives

Bring the Carved Wooden Knight to Zalan Coste

Carved Wooden Knight

Just like the previous items from this quest line, you will need to bring the Carved Wooden Knight to Zalan Coste and speak with him.

This will have Zalan Coste talking about his past and explaining where such beautifully carved figurines such as the one you had given him came from.

After a bit of dialogue with Zalan Coste, he goes on about the Carved Wooden Knight which later ends the quest.

Righteous Idol Quest Rewards

Once you have purchased the Carved Wooden Knight and have brought it to Zalan Coste, the quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Fractured Peaks Renown


Zalan Coste reveals that he knows who had made such carvings like the one that you handed to him as his friend had similar ones.

He mentions that these were made by an old woodcutter who used to make them from scraps but they disappeared sometime later.

Until this day, Zalan Coste wonders what has happened to the old woodcutter as he was never found and no one knows if he is still in the forest where he was last seen.

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