Diablo 4 Icebound Geode Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While exploring Yelesna, you may happen to destroy an Ore Vein that happens to drop an Icebound Geode, which is different from the usual resources you find.

The Icebound Geode is mysterious and someone like Kratia (Kyovashad Jeweler) might be the only person who knows what to do with it.

You will need to take this newfound Icebound Geode to Kyovashad and have Kratia take a look at it to find out what rewards it may bring.

Icebound Geode (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Icebound Geode Quest?

The Icebound Geode is a side quest that can be obtained once you have picked up an Icebound Geode after destroying an Ore Vein or a Glittering Ore Vein.

This may drop when you are harvesting Ore Veins in any of the regions in Yelesna and will activate the quest once you have picked it up.

Icebound Geode Objectives

1) Bring the Icebound Geode to Kratia

Bringing the Icebound Geode to Kratia

After you have picked up the Icebound Geode, you will need to head to Kyovashad and speak to Kratia to find out what needs to be done.

2) Buy Acid Flux from Idania in Kyovashad

Kratia will instruct you to obtain Acid Flux from Idania, who is just next to her and afterwards, you can extract the gems from the Icebound Geode.

3) Use the Jeweler’s Tools

After you have purchased Acid Flux from Idania, head over to the Jeweler’s Tools next to the entrance and interact with it to extract the gems.

Icebound Geode Quest Rewards

After purchasing Acid Flux and extracting the gems from the Icebound Geode, the side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Gem Cache
  • 30 Fractured Peaks Renown


It turns out that the Icebound Geode you had found contained a collection of gems that you have now obtained with the help of the Jeweler’s Tools.

Not many of them can be found as breaking an Ore Vein often results in a few gems only and the Icebound Geode was certainly a jackpot.

Thanks to Kratia, you were able to make use of the Icebound Geode and now have a set of gems to add to your collection.

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