Weight of Sin Bracelet Locations (Dawa’s & Naraa’s) Diablo 4

While exploring Chambatar Ridge, you encounter a troubled person sitting in front of a dangerous sulfur pool and speak with them.

It turns out that the person, who is later revealed to be named Neckii has returned only to find that their village was ransacked and the people were killed.

Neckii is still looking for two people though, who are Dawa and Naraa and it is now up to you to find their bracelets so they can be put to rest.

Weight of Sin (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Weight of Sin Quest

The Weight of Sin side quest can be started by heading to the Chambatar Ridge and speaking with Neckii, who can be found in front of a sulfur pool.

Weight of Sin Objectives

1) Acquire Dawa’s Bracelet

Acquiring Dawa’s Bracelet

Dawa is one of the people that Neckii was searching for and she knows that they are no longer alive but wants to find their bracelet.

You can find Dawa’s body by heading into the marked area and interacting with Charred Remains and this is the second body you are likely to find.

2) Acquire Naraa’s Bracelet

Acquiring Naraa’s Bracelet

Finding Naraa’s Bracelet is just the same as with Dara’s as you will need to head to the marked location and interact with Charred Remains to get it to drop.

Naraa’s Bracelet is often the first one to be found since it is closest to your starting location and will also drop when you interact with a certain body.

3) Return Dawa and Naraa’s Bracelets to Neckii

Now that you have both bracelets, you will need to head back to where you first found Neckii to give her the bracelets.

4) Read Neckhii’s Confession

Upon returning, Neckhii is no longer on site and you will see a melted body floating in the sulfur pool along with a letter nearby. (You will need to interact with the letter)

5) Offer the Carved Bracelet to the sulfur pool

There will be a spot next to the letter that you need to interact with, which will have you place the bracelets to make an offering.

Once the bracelets have been offered to the sulfur pool, the quest will be complete.

Weight of Sin Quest Rewards

After purchasing Acid Flux and extracting the gems from the Weight of Sin, the side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Murmuring Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


Neckii did not confess everything at first but once you returned, she might have been consumed by her conscience and made a choice.

In Neckii’s confession, she mentions that she joined the Triune but did this for the sake of her family but things did not turn out so well.

Now that Dawa and Naara are put to rest, Neckii has decided to finish what was started and took a dive into the sulfur pool to end her life.

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