Diablo 4 Curious Curios Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

As you make your way around The Boiling Plains, you come across a person named Sameera who has been injured.

Sameera tells you that there is a relic located within one of the pots that can earn you a lot of gold once you find it as this is a job she was working on.

In exchange for your help in finding it, Sameera has offered to give you half of the money if you can find it and send it back to her boss.

Curious Curios (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Curious Curios Quest?

You can start the Curious Curios side quest by heading into the Chambatar Ridge and heading towards the side quest marker of the same name.

Once you reach the marker, speak with Sameera and she will explain her situation, which begins the side quest.

Curious Curios Objectives

1) Search the Searing Pools for the relic

Sameera will have spoken about the relic as well as how you can send it to her boss once you have found it but first, you will need to check the area for where it is located.

This can be done by roaming around the marked area and interacting with the different pots (containers) around the pool where you found Sameera.

We were able to find the Malevolent Relic inside a pot to the southwest part of the pool after destroying the container it was in.

2) Perform the gesture spell on the relic

Performing the gesture spell on the relic

Once you have found the Malevolent Relic, you will need to interact with it and this will cause you to channel for a short duration before it is sent away.

3) Speak to Rakhaan

Now that the relic has been sent to Rakhaan, you will need to head to the marker that shows his location by teleporting to Fate’s Retreat or walking back.

Speak with Rakhaan and he will thank you as well as offer you another job to do if you choose to accept it later on. (This ends the quest afterward)

Curious Curios Quest Rewards

Once you have returned to Rakhaan after sending him the Malevolent Relic, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Gem Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


It looks like Sameera was unable to pull off the job that Rakhaan gave her but you were there to fill in for her after the injury she sustained.

Returning to Rakhaan has given you new opportunities as he has a lot of coins to offer for more of your services similar to what you recently provided.

Rakhaan mentioned that he has a lot of coins but the nature of the items he collects is questionable and there is only one way to find out more about him.

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