Diablo 4 Hunting the Relic Hunter Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

After previously helping a woman named Sameera find a Malevolent Relic, Rakhaan offered you more coin if you were to help again.

You run into him later at Fate’s Retreat and he tells you about a Relic Hunter that he had sent to find one of the relics but they have not yet returned.

Rakhaan suspects that they may have been killed or could be late, which is where you come in to provide your assistance.

Hunting the Relic Hunter (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Hunting the Relic Hunter Quest?

The Hunting the Relic Hunter side quest becomes available after you have completed the Curious Curios side quest, which takes place in the Chambatar Ridge.

After completing the Curious Curios side quest, you can find Rakhaan at Fate’s Retreat and may speak with him to begin the quest.

Hunting the Relic Hunter Objectives

1) Find the Missing Relic Hunter

After speaking to Rakhaan, you will need to head to the Relic Hunter’s location, which is south of the Hidden Overlook. (Speak with him)

2) Wait for the Relic Hunter to investigate

Now that you have arrived, the Relic Hunter will confidently continue searching for the relic but becomes petrified as soon as he encounters it.

3) Slay the skeletons

Slaying the skeletons

Skeletons will appear once the Relic Hunter has been petrified and you will need to slay all of them before you can investigate the relic.

4) Defeat the remaining skeletons

After taking out the majority of the skeletons (including an Undead Relic Hunter), you will need to defeat the rest before you can continue.

5) Search the Mysterious Pot

Once the skeletons have been dealt with, you will need to interact with the Mysterious Pot nearby, which previously turned the Relic Hunter to stone.

6) Perform the gesture spell on the relic

To send the relic to Rakhaan, you will need to interact with it, which causes you to perform the gesture spell to teleport it.

7) Speak with Rakhaan

After performing the gesture spell, Rakhaan will appear nearby and you will need to talk to him, which later ends the quest.

Hunting the Relic Hunter Quest Rewards

Once you have returned to Rakhaan after sending him the Malevolent Relic, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Gem Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


Rakhaan shares his sorrow for those he has hired that did not make the journey but he has mentioned that there is still one last relic.

He offers you the job to find it and will be waiting for you to speak with him before he gives you the details regarding what needs to be done.

It seems that this last relic may be more difficult to obtain, which is why you have been specifically chosen by Rakhaan to find it.

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