Diablo 4 Aspect of Gore Quills (How to Get & Effects)

Necromancer Blood Builds have some of the most overpowered skills available and one of these is the Blood Lance Core Skill.

This can be further enhanced when you use the Aspect of Gore Quills, which causes them to fire additional projectiles in the presence of Blood Orbs.

This was an Aspect that was introduced in the Season of the Malignant and remains to be a great choice for Necromancer Blood Builds to have.

Dead Man's Dredge in D4

Aspect of Gore Quills Effects (Blood Lance Aspect)

When the Aspect of Gore Quills is imprinted on one of your items, it causes Blood Lance to consume nearby Blood Orbs to release additional projectiles.

The additional Blood Lance projectiles will target enemies that are not affected by Blood Lance, making it possible to increase the amount of Lanced enemies when cast.

The additional Blood Lance projectiles will also receive bonuses based on other Aspects, effects, or stats that you have involving them.

How To Get Aspect of Gore Quills?Aspect of Gore Quills unlock in D4

For you to unlock the Aspect of Gore Quills in your Codex, you will first need to complete Chapter 1 of the Season of the Malignant Season Journey.

This requires that you complete the majority of the objectives and once this has been achieved, you will be able to use it from your Codex through the remainder of the season.

Once this is no longer available at the end of the season, you may obtain Aspect of Gore Quills by extracting it from Legendary Items.


Necromancer Blood Builds tend to spawn Blood Orbs often and other Aspects can be used to make Blood Lance more effective.

Supernatural Blood Lance is popular with this as it provides a guaranteed Overpowered attack after you have cast the skill 6 times.

Combined with other Blood Skills, Blood Lance becomes extremely effective at killing enemies and now you can target even more with additional projectiles thanks to this Aspect.

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