Enshrouding Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Dark Shroud is a useful ability that grants you damage reduction from enemy attacks, which are consumed when you are hit.

Sometimes Rogues don’t have enough slots to equip this skill and to still make use of it they can use the Enshrouding Aspect.

The Enshrouding Aspect provides you with free Dark Shrouds and will accumulate while you are standing still when not inside of a town.

Enshrouding Aspect

Enshrouding Aspect Effects (Damage Reduction Aspect)

The Enshrouding Aspect provides Rogues with the ability to automatically generate Dark Shrouds when they stand still for 3 seconds.

These will reduce the damage that a Rogue takes and will stack up to 5 times when providing them with additional damage reduction without the need to learn the skill.

As long as you stand still when outside of a town, these will begin to generate and will do so until you have 5, providing you with endless Dark Shrouds.

Enshrouding Aspect LocationEnshrouding Aspect is found in the Toxic Fens (Hawezar)

Completing the Ghoa Ruins will unlock the Enshrouding Aspect in your Codex and you can find this dungeon in the Toxic Fens. (Hawezar)

The Ghoa Ruins can be found to the southeast of Vyeresz or you can reach it by traveling west coming from Backwater.

How To Get Enshrouding Aspect? (Ghoa Ruins Walkthrough)Defeating the Drowned Seahag in the Ghoa Ruins

The Ghoa Ruins is a short dungeon that simply has you destroying statues of the Seaborn Goddess before you encounter a Drowned Seahag.

  • Destroy the Seaborn Goddess (3)
  • Travel to the Vile Chamber
  • Defeat the Drowned Seahag

Once all the Seaborn Goddess statues have been destroyed, you will be making your way from the Sunken Fortress to the Vile Chamber.

Upon arriving at the Vile Chamber, the Drowned Seahag will appear and you will have to defeat it to complete the dungeon.


While the Enshrouding Aspect does not provide the same amount of damage reduction that the skill does, it is a good way to boost your defense.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to do anything aside from stand still and this means it can generate even if you are fighting enemies as long as you don’t relocate.

Jumping into battle can be done confidently knowing that you can get bonus defenses for doing almost nothing except for staying in the same spot.

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