Aspect of Three Curses (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

The Sorcerer’s Meteor Skill is capable of both dealing large amounts of damage as well as causing additional effects to occur once they hit an area.

While its effects are already effective on their own, this skill can be improved to deal additional damage to certain enemies with the Aspect of Three Curses.

The Aspect of Three Curses can make things even deadlier for your enemies as it provides increased Critical Strike Damage to Healthy targets.

Aspect of Three Curses

Aspect of Three Curses Effects (Meteor Aspect)

The Aspect of Three Curses provides a chance for the Meteor Skill to deal a percentage of increased Critical Strike Damage to Healthy enemies.

This means that enemies with health above 80% have a chance to take a larger amount of damage whenever the Meteor Skill does a Critical Strike.

Whenever this triggers, enemies can take a lot of damage that can lead to a whole group being taken out quickly when you cast Meteor.

Aspect of Three Curses LocationAspect of Three Curses is located in the Blightmarsh (Hawezar)

You can unlock the Aspect of Three Curses in your Codex by completing the Serpent’s Lair Dungeon, which can be found in Blightmarsh. (Hawezar)

This dungeon is located southeast of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep or northeast of Vyeresz but if you have not unlocked these waypoints, you can head to it by going northwest from Backwater.

How To Get Aspect of Three Curses? (Serpent’s Lair Walkthrough)Destroying the Ward of Eyes in the Serpent’s Lair Dungeon

Entering the Serpent’s Lair sets you off to head towards the Hunting Grounds, where you will continue making your way to the Shadowed Depths to search for the Ward of Eyes.

  • Travel to the Hunting Grounds
  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Travel to the Shadowed Depths
  • Destroy the Ward of Eyes (3)

Upon reaching the Shadowed Depths, there will be 3 Ward of Eyes in the area that you need to destroy, which will cause elite enemies to spawn when they are at low health.

Once you have destroyed all 3 of the Ward of Eyes in the Shadowed Depths, the dungeon will be complete and the Aspect of Three Curses will be unlocked in your Codex.


While Meteor alone may not always be enough to kill a group of enemies, the additional damage that it does is a good way to contribute to killing them.

Sorcerers who have a higher chance to deal Critical Strikes will often be able to make use of this and this can help you out thanks to the additional damage.

Not only does this deal a lot of damage, but the Enhanced Meteor passive can also further cause more damage since it has a chance to spawn another meteor if 3 or more enemies are hit.

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