Aspect of Branching Volleys (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Barrage is one of the Rogue’s Core Skills that allow them to fire a spread of projectiles that can ricochet off of enemies that they hit.

This can be enhanced with the Aspect of Branching Volleys, which provides each projectile with a chance to split into 2 more after ricocheting.

The Aspect of Branching Volleys is a good way for Rogue’s to deal more damage by causing more projectiles to spawn after each one hit.

Aspect of Branching Volleys

Aspect of Branching Volleys Effects (Barrage Aspect)

Once you have the Aspect of Branching Volleys imprinted on one of your items, the effects have a certain percentage of a chance to trigger whenever they ricochet.

Barrage has an initial 20% chance to ricochet but when targeting Vulnerable enemies, the chance is increased to 100%

A guaranteed 100% chance of attacking enemies that are Vulnerable means that your Barrage Skill will split its projectiles often, especially with the Improved Barrage upgrade.

Aspect of Branching Volleys LocationAspect of Branching Volleys is located in the Vyeresz

The Aspect of Branching Volleys will be unlocked in your Codex once you have completed the Shadowed Plunge Dungeon, which is located in Vyeresz.

You will need to first conquer the Vyeresz Stronghold before you can gain access to the Shadowed Plunge as it unlocks only after that has been completed.

How To Get Aspect of Branching Volleys? (Shadowed Plunge Walkthrough)Destroying the Ward of Eyes (3) in the Shadowed Plunge activity

Entering the Shadowed Plunge will have you searching for Prisoners in the Hall of Sacrifices before heading to the Egg Incubation Chamber to destroy Ward of Eyes.

  • Free the Prisoners (7)
  • Travel to the Egg Incubation Chamber
  • Destroy the Ward of Eyes (3)

Once you have freed all of the Prisoners, destroying all 3 of the Ward of Eyes in the Shadowed Plunge will complete the dungeon, unlocking the Aspect of Branching Volleys in your Codex.


Several Rogue skills can cause enemies to become Vulnerable such as Barrage’s passive or the Blended Shadow Imbuement, which increases the chance for this Aspect to trigger.

As long as your arrows ricochet, there is a chance they will split and hit more enemies, making it best to make enemies Vulnerable as often as possible.

With more projectiles being shot around, this makes it easier to take out groups of enemies and can help you clear dungeons faster with Rogue Barrage Builds.

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