Diablo 4 Slither (Location, Defeating, Strategy & Drops)

Slither is a large serpent-like boss that has human limbs, making it seem to be a deformed or cursed creature which is a boss that you can encounter in certain dungeons.

This large creature tends to attack you from afar but that doesn’t mean it won’t hesitate when it comes to attacking you from up close.

Defeating this boss is usually done to unlock Aspects depending on which dungeon you are running after you have completed certain objectives.

Slither Boss Diablo 4

Slither Location

Slither may be encountered in Witchwater, which is located in Hawezar which is less than a minute away from Vyeresz.

You may also encounter Slither in the Forgotten Ruins in Kehjistan, which can be found to the west of the Iron Wolves Encampment.

Slither Fight (Attacks)

Slither will continuously attack you from any range, attempting to poison you, stun you, and call Nangari Viletooth minions to its aid.

1) Toxic Spit

Unleashes three projectiles that poison you when you are hit but these can easily be avoided by moving around or evading.

2) Petrifying Eye

Slither tosses a projectile that creates a toxic pool on the ground that deals damage over time along with an eye appearing to stun you. (Move out of the puddle as soon as possible)

3) Toxic Wave

Slither will charge up before unleashing a wave (you can see a cone marking where it will hit) that causes you to become Vulnerable when hit. (This doesn’t appear to poison you though)

4) Summon Nangari Serpents

This boss can summon Nangari Serpents, which will chase after you and attack you whenever they catch up to you.

Slither Strategy

Slither does not seem to move around much, making it an easy target even if you go after it at melee range as its attacks are all ranged.

It’s best to watch out for when it releases an eye to stun you as this is accompanied by a toxic pool that will deal damage over time.

You can easily defeat Slither by moving around now and then while dealing damage to it until its health has completely been emptied.

Watch out for its cone attack as this can deal a lot of damage and make you Vulnerable at the same time but you can avoid this by moving out of the way or with an evade.

The Nangari Viletooth enemies are not much of a threat but can be used as a way to deal extra damage if you have skills that have effects when lesser enemies are killed.

Slither Drops

Once Slither has been killed, you can pick up around 1 to 3 different items which will have random rarities based on the difficulty of the dungeon along with some Gold.

Defeating Slither in the following dungeons for the first time will provide you with certain Aspects that will be unlocked in your Codex:

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