Prodigy’s Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

The Sorcerer has access to several skills that can deal heaps of damage but sometimes one of their problems will be a lack of Mana.

There are a lot of ways for them to regain Mana and some Aspects can help with this, which includes the Prodigy’s Aspect.

The Prodigy’s Aspect provides a Sorcerer with the ability to regain a certain amount of Mana after using certain skills.

Prodigy’s Aspect

Prodigy’s Aspect Effects (Mana Aspect)

With the Prodigy’s Aspect imprinted on an item, the Sorcerer will be able to restore a certain amount of their Mana when using a Cooldown.

This allows the Sorcerer to gain an amount of Mana to continue using more skills before running dry and having to regenerate more naturally.

Using a Cooldown simply refers to using any ability that has a timer before it can be used again unlike Core Skills and Basic Skills which have no cooldown timer.

Prodigy’s Aspect LocationProdigy’s Aspect which you can find in the Blightmarsh (Hawezar)

You may unlock the Prodigy’s Aspect by completing the Witchwater Dungeon, which can be found in Blightmarsh. (Hawezar)

It can be reached by heading to the northeast of Vyeresz or south from the Ruins of Rakhat or may also be reached if you travel west from Backwater.

Byeresz and the Ruins of Rakhat need to be unlocked by conquering their Strongholds before you can use them as fast travel points.

How To Get Prodigy’s Aspect? (Witchwater Walkthrough)Fighting with Slither in the Witchwater

The Witchwater Dungeon will have you fighting your way through the Tribute Pens until you reach the Sacrificial Den, where you will encounter a boss called Slither.

  • Free the Prisoners (4)
  • Collect the Worn Key
  • Use the Worn Key to open the Locked Door
  • Travel to the Slithering Crawl
  • Destroy the Ward of Eyes (3)
  • Travel to the Sacrificial Den
  • Defeat Slither

After destroying the 3 Ward of Eyes in the Slithering Crawl, you will be making your way to the Sacrificial Den to kill Slither, which will complete the dungeon and unlock the Prodigy’s Aspect.


Most Sorcerer builds will include skills that have cooldowns as some of these are vital for dealing damage or applying certain Crowd Control effects to enemies.

As long as a skill with a cooldown is used, the Prodigy’s Aspect will trigger and you will be able to restore Mana that can be used right away.

This is a great way to continue casting more skills during a fight instead of retreating and waiting for your Mana to replenish before jumping back into the fray.

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