Diablo 4 Chapter 6 Season Journey (Season 1)

You have now reached the point where you have grown more powerful but there are still more challenges that lie ahead of you.

You will now need to face tougher threats and bring your equipment to higher levels as you take on enemies in higher World Tiers.

With the right preparation and a bit of grinding, you can complete the tasks that are waiting for you in the Season Journey Champion challenges.

Chapter 6 (Champion) Season Journey of Season 1 D4

Chapter 6 (Champion) Season Journey Objectives

Below is a list of all the challenges and rewards for Season Journey Champion, which you can complete during Season of the Malignant.

1) Lilith’s Undoing

Purify 5,000 Seeds of Hatred at an Altar of Extraction in the Fields of Hatred.

Reward: Favor

2) Threshold of Damnation

Complete the Fallen Temple Dungeon to unlock the Torment World Tier.

Reward: Favor

3) Wrath’s Vengeance

Defeat the Nightmare Echo of Varshan after completing the Seasonal Storyline.

Reward: Favor

4) Ancestral Artisan

Upgrade 3 items to Level 6 at a Blacksmith or Jeweler.

Reward: Favor

5) Reaching for Greatness

Improve a Paragon Glyph to Rank 20 after finishing Nightmare Dungeons.

Reward: Favor

6) The Gathering Fires

Acquire Aberrant Cinders during the Helltide Event in World Tier 3.

Reward: Favor

7) Crown to Foot

Imprint 10 Aspects at the Occultist.

Reward: Favor

8) No Mere Mortal

Unlock a Legendary Paragon Node after reaching Level 50.

Reward: Favor

9) Tempered by Hellfire

Reach Level 75.

Reward: Favor

10) Pilgrimage of Nightmares

Complete a Tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon.

Reward: Favor

11) A Fiend Brought Low

Kill a World Boss in World Tier 3.

Reward: Favor

Season Journey Champion Rewards

To complete Season Journey Champion, you will need to finish at least 9 out of 11 objectives to obtain the rewards.

  • Epic Favor
  • Sixth Journey Cache
  • Aspect of Audacity


Things have started to get a little tougher with the higher World Tiers but there are tons of rewards that you can get once you have moved on.

While most of the challenges in Season Journey Champion require you to progress to World Tier 3, this can be reached easily once you have leveled up.

Nightmare Dungeons are seemingly popular for these challenges and it’s best to get your Nightmare Sigils first by completing Tree of Whispers challenges and moving forward with Nightmare Sigils.

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