Diablo 4 Aspect of Ancestral Echoes (How to Get, Location & Effects)

Call of the Ancients is one of the Barbarian’s Ultimate Skills which may be familiar to players who have played the previous Diablo titles.

While this Ultimate Skill lasts only 6 seconds, you get the aid from 3 Ancients but there is a way for you to call them even without using the skill.

Aspect of the Ancestral Echoes can make this happen as it allows you to summon an Ancient by simply using certain skills.

Aspect of Ancestral Echoes Diablo 4

Aspect of Ancestral Echoes Effects (Call of the Ancients Aspect)

When you have an item that has Aspect of Ancestral Echoes and has the skill in your Action Bar, using one of the skills that an Ancient does has a chance to summon them.

This means that any time you use Leap, Upheaval, or Whirlwind, there is a high chance that the Ancient related to that skill will appear and assist you.

Even if you have Call of the Ancients active, this will still work, meaning that you can summon another instance of them even if they are on the field.

Aspect of Ancestral Echoes LocationAspect of Ancestral Echoes is obtained by completing the Ancient Reservoir Dungeon which is located at the Rotspill Delta (Hawezar)

Aspect of Ancestral Echoes can be obtained by completing the Ancient Reservoir Dungeon, which can be found in Rotspill Delta, southwest of the Tree of Whispers. (Hawezar)

How To Get Aspect of Ancestral Echoes? (Ancient Reservoir Walkthrough)Ancient Reservoir Dungeon

1) Slay all enemies in the Tainted Aqueduct

Once you head into the Ancient Reservoir, you will find yourself in the Tainted Aqueduct and will need to slay all the enemies in the area. (Marked as red dots on your map)

2) Travel to Enduring Watch

After you have finished clearing the Tainted Aqueduct, you will need to make your way to the Enduring Watch by continuing through the dungeon.

3) Return the Ancients Statue to the Pedestal

Upon reaching the Enduring Watch, you will need to locate 2 Ancients Statues and bring them to the Pedestals.

Once you are near them, a marker will show their location on the map, and you can only bring one at a time.

4) Activate the Monolith

After returning the Ancients Statues to the Pedestals, a path will open up that leads to a large room called the Prison of Eternity.

You will find a Monolith inside the room that you will need to interact with, which will release the Tomb Lord. 

5) Defeat the Tomb Lord

The Tomb Lord will now be free from the Monolith and will begin to attack you, which requires that you slay him to get your rewards. Read our guide on how to kill the Tomb Lord.


Barbarian Call of the Ancients Builds often has this Aspect, since it is a great way to do damage as this gives you passive Ancients summoning.

Using more than one skill that the Ancestors have will allow you to summon more of them and when combined with the skill itself, you can cause a lot of mayhem.

Some of the most popular builds for Aspect of Ancestral Echoes include the Barbarian Whirlwind Build or the Barbarian Upheaval Build.

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