Borderlands 3 Shiv (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Shiv Boss

Shiv is a boss that is encountered during the Children Of The Vault Mission who appears as a mutant bandit with a higher amount of health and stronger attacks.

His appearance is similar to other bandits except he appears to have been stitched around his chest and has a mutated smaller left arm.


In the Children Of The Vault mission you face Shiv while attempting to clear out the propaganda center as well as to save Claptrap who has challenged Shiv to a “Trial By Combat” where you are to fight as his champion as he is stuck on the giant magnet.

Fighting & Killing Shiv


Shiv is just a boss fought at the start of the game and shouldn’t prove to hard to handle and can easily be dealt with by running and gunning.

He will repeatedly charge at you and attempt to attack you at close range or use his slam attack to force you to go airborne.

If you remain close to him during the fight, he will attack you with melee attacks and even a more powerful spin attack so be sure to keep a good distance between the two of you.


There are electrical machines as well as exploding barrels around the area which you can shoot when Shiv is charging near you to deal additional damage to him as well as a good amount of damage over time.

Weak Spots


Like most bandits and humanoid enemies, Shiv’s weak spot is his head which will result in a critical hit if you shoot him while aiming at his head.

Shooting him in the head can stun him for a short duration, allowing you to fire more shots at him or even let in a melee hit before you run off and reload.

Notable Attacks



Watch out for his slam attack as this allows him to close a bit of distance between you and him while fighting each other.

He will jump into the air and slam the ground, causing a wave to go forward, dealing damage and knocking you or your allies airborne.

This can simply be evaded by running or jumping to the side out of the path of the wave that follows his slam attack.

Spin Attack


Shiv has a spin attack which will deal a bit more damage than his normal attack but this can be avoided by not allowing him to close in on you.

Moving backwards or out of the way will make this attack miss most of the time, preventing you from taking unnecessary damage.

Notable Drops


Shiv usually drops a common weapon and some ammo most of the time and hasn’t been reported to drop anything at the moment since this is usually the beginning of the story.



  • Shiv isn’t hard to kill, just aim and fire at him but try to score some headshots to deal a higher amount of damage to him.
  • Being mobile during the battle will help you avoid taking a lot of damage and making use of the sliding action will also help you create some space between you and Shiv.
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