Powerful Connections Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Powerful Connections Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Level: 2

Marcus’ Guns Vending Machine is unpowered and he needs your help to investigate the cause of the problem and needs you to fix it.

You will figure out the cause of the power outage for his vending machine and find solution so that it will be powered on again and available for usage.

Mission Walkthrough

Inspect The Power Outage


Follow the cable that is connected to the vending machine to the power source which will also be marked by a waypoint.

Replacing The Power Source


Marcus will tell you that it’s the fault of bandits who have scavenged the power source for their own usage, infuriating him and ending up with him asking you to find a skag spine which can be used as a replacement for the power source.

In an addition to the mission, a bonus objective will be added as Marcus tells you that if you feel like it, you can also get a human spine to use.

Getting a Human Spine


Head towards the Sun Smashers camp where a waypoint is marked and you will find that there are bandits in the area, even if you previously cleared out the place.

Killing bandits will result in one of them dropping a spine and usually the first bandit you kill drops the spine.


Pick up the human spine and you will notice that the objective to get a skag spine is still present and has not be checked off of the list.

Proceed to getting a skag spine which is pretty much a good way to be sure since the objective was not removed, later on you will know why the objective is still listed.

Getting a Shock Skag Spine


By getting a spine, Marcus doesn’t mean just any skag spine but instead he needs a shock skag spine which you will eventually find at a nearby skag den marked by a waypoint.


Kill a few skags in the area to draw out the shock skag and continue fighting it like you would any normal enemy.

Be careful when getting too close as it possesses shock properties and can deal elemental damage to you along with applying status effects.


Once the shock skag has been killed, pick up the skag spine and head back to the power source to replace it with the spines that you have collected.


Marcus will tell you to place the human spine first which will later end up splattering all over the place and Marcus will laugh out loud when this happens.

He will reveal that he just wanted you to get it for revenge but since this has satisfied him in the means of vengeance you will later on get a bonus reward for this task.


Place the shock skag spine which will power up the cable and the vending machine at the other end and head back to the vending machine.


Marcus will thank you for restoring the power and if you decided to get the human spine as well since it was a reward, he will open up his secret storage which is behind the vending machine.


The secret storage is an underground storage and you may head down and loot the place, resulting in you getting ammo, cash and other goodies.


Marcus’ stash will have a red chest which contains items that are rarer than what most containers hold which you may loot every time you load the area as a new session.

Powerful Connections Mission Rewards


Aside from getting the bonus rewards from using a human spline for Marcus’ entertainment, you will finish the mission resulting in you receiving around 225 Cash and a rare head item which is a Marcus Bobble Head.



  • Its best to get bot the human spine first and head to the den or each way around before heading to the power source so that you don’t need to go back and forth when with the items.
  • Be sure to get the human spine first or else the mission will finish if you place a skag spine in the power source without a human spine collected.
  • This mission finishes pretty fast and can be used as a way to get rarer items earlier by reloading the game after the mission finishes to reset the red chest.
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