Boom Boom Boomtown Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Boom Boom Boomtown Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Devil’s Razor – Roland’s Rest
  • Level: 33

Brick is holding a tunnel closed while Tina is preparing to drop a bomb on a bunch of the Children Of The Vault that are trapped inside and they need your help to pull through with their plan.

Your task is to help Tina blow up the tunnel so that it will collapse on the Children Of The Vault and most likely help out some more if it fails or something bad happens.

Mission Walkthrough

Help Tina With The Bomb


After talking to Brick in person and Tina over the radio, head over to Tina to assist her with her bomb problem.


Tina will tell you that she is trying to get the bomb down to the tunnel but it is stuck and you will need to help her push it down.


The bomb will be stuck inside a pipe and Tina will tell you to slam the bomb to push it down into the tunnel.


Head up to the nearby stair and perform a jump slam on top of the bomb to push it down into the tunnel by jumping above the bomb and pressing your crouch button to perform a slam.


Unfortunately, the bomb does not detonate when it is the tunnel so you and Tina need to head back to Brick and figure out another way to detonate it.

Manually Detonating The Bomb


Tina will suggest that the tunnel is opened up so you can shoot the bomb even if some Children Of The Vault may come out.


Brick will open up the tunnel and there will be Children Of The Vault rushing out so you will need to kill them or go straight for shooting the bomb.


Kill the Children Of The Vault in your way as you go for the bomb or just rush through them and take a shot at it.


Once you shoot the bomb, it will explode and crush all of the Children Of The Vault that are inside the tunnel.

Backing Up Mordecai


Mordecai will contact you and the team over the radio and say that the base is under attack which will require you and the others to head to Boomtown and push back the attackers.


Upon arriving at Boomtown, Mordecai will be fighting back a group of bandits and it is up to you and the team to help clear out the remaining Children Of The Vault.


Kill all of the attackers that are at Boomtown until there are no enemies remaining in the area to proceed with the mission.


After the enemies are all cleared out, head over to the team and speak with Tina to complete the mission.

Boom Boom Boomtown Mission Rewards


After completing the Boom Boom Boomtown mission, you will be rewarded with the “Deadeye Decal” uncommon trinket.



  • Try to do a running start before doing a jump slam on the bomb if you can’t reach it with a regular jump.
  • Using an area of effect weapon or a shotgun that can hit the bomb will allow you to shoot the bomb without needing to get too close.
  • The Children Of The Vault inside the tunnel won’t be much of a threat and can easily be killed why making a run for the bomb.
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