Dynasty Dash: Pandora Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Dash: Pandora Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Devil’s Razor – Roland’s Rest
  • Level: 33

Once again Beau needs your help delivering his Dynasty Burgers but this time it is on Pandora.

You task will be to deliver all of the burgers to their destination at a specific time to fulfill all of the orders made for Beau.

Mission Walkthrough

Delivering The Burgers


After being receiving the mission, head over to the Dynasty Burger stand to pick up the burgers that you will deliver.


Grab the burgers and head over to the nearby Catch-A-Ride to get a vehicle of your choice that you will use to do the deliveries.


Select a vehicle that you are comfortable with and spawn it followed by making your way towards the waypoints.


Drive over to the nearest waypoint or whichever waypoint you want to start with to begin delivering the burgers.


Take note that their will be signs for the Dynasty Burger’s competition that will be scattered all around the area.


To get yourself additional time, make sure to shoot the signs when you see them which will easily be taken out with a single hit.


Upon reaching a location where a delivery is to be made, head up to the drop area and place the burgers.


Continue doing this until you make all 5 deliveries as fast as you can for a better reward when you go back to Beau.

Heading Back To Beau


After making your final delivery head back to Beau by either driving back or fast travelling to the location.


Speak with Beau once you arrive to complete the mission and get your reward for carrying out the deliveries.

Dynasty Dash: Pandora Mission Rewards


After completing the Dynasty Dash: Pandora mission, you will be rewarded with around 7,576 cash and will from then on be able to repeat the mission for additional cash.



  • Different vehicles have different speeds and some may be easier to maneuver based on the vehicles themselves and how used to them you are so pick whichever vehicle you are comfortable with.
  • Shoot signs that the competition has put up to reduce their advertising in the area and to give yourself more time so you may hit one of the bonus objectives of getting the orders delivered fast.
  • After making all of the deliveries, its better to just fast travel so you can make it back faster.
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