The Feeble and the Furious Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 The Feeble and the Furious Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Devil’s Retreat – Roland’s Rest
  • Level: 35

Lizzie needs someone to take her father out on a ride around the desert as it will be good for him to go out and spend time out of the house

Your task will be to head over to Lizzie’s and driver Pappy around the desert and complete a few tasks before bringing him back home.

Mission Walkthrough

Head Over To Lizzie’s


After accepting the mission, head over to Lizzie’s place where you will pick up her father and take him out for a drive.


Proceed to the waypoint to reach Mesa Marron where Lizzie will be waiting for you and dismount your vehicle and go up to her.


Talk to Lizzie so she will open up the garage where her father will be waiting along with his vehicle which you will drive.


Once you talk to Lizzie, wait for the garage door to open so you can get into Pappy’s Jalopy which his is already clinging on.


Get into the vehicle and drive out to the waypoint where you will begin your first of three different tasks.

Milkpod Collecting


Drive over to the waypoint marked on your map as you will help Pappy gather milkpods from milky spiderants.


Park in the space and exit the vehicle which will cause milky spiderants to appear in the area around you.


Kill the milky spiderants to make them drop “Intact Milkpod” which you will need to collect 5 of to complete the task.


Once a milky spiderant is killed, head over to where it died and pick up the “Intact Milkpod” that it dropped.


Continue doing this until you obtain a total of 5 “Intact Milkpod” in total to complete the task and proceed to the next one.


Get back into your vehicle and drive to the next waypoint which will be to collect coins which should have been delivered by a coin dealer.

Retrieving The Coin Collection


Follow the waypoint until you arrive at the Dahl Refinery and exit your vehicle to begin looking for the coin dealer.


The coin dealer will be dead and you will need to inspect his body to proceed with the task which is to collect the coins from bandits that killed him.


Head into the refinery and fight through or run past the bandits who have scattered the coins, collecting each one of them in the area.


Continue climbing your way up stairs and on pipes in order to find all of the coins which are marked by waypoints until you obtain 5 in total.


After obtaining all of the coins, head back to Pappy’s Jalopy and drive towards the next waypoint which is the dentist.

Obtaining Teeth From The Dentist


Park your vehicle in front of the dentist’s center and head over to the door to proceed with the mission.


You will then need to knock on the door in order to get the dentist to come out and talk to you.


After knocking on the door, the dentist, known as Dental Dan will come out and become hostile which will result in you having to kill him.


Once you have killed Dental Dan, pick up his teeth and head back to Pappy’s Jalopy so you can head back to Lizzie’s.

Dropping Pappy Off


Once you arrive back at Lizzie’s, park Pappy’s Jalopy in their garage, exit the vehicle and head over to Lizzie.


Go up to Lizzie so you can talk to her in order to complete the mission and get your rewards for completing the tasks.

The Feeble and The Furious Mission Rewards


After completing The Feeble And The Furious, you will be given an award of around 9,503 cash.



  • You can either walk or take a vehicle to get to Lizzie’s but taking a vehicle will save you some time.
  • Pappy will stay on his Jalopy for the whole mission so there will be no need to wait for him to do anything.
  • The milky spiderants will not pose much of a threat but if you are at a low level or have lesser efficient gear, you may want to keep distance and aim for their weak spot which is their Metasoma (abdomen or behind.
  • The coins will require you to do a bit of jumping around so be sure to get a running start when jumping around and check the pipes for a good place to climb up as random jumping can make you fall down and require you to head all the way up again which can be annoying.
  • Dental Dan is harmless and you can easily kill him with headshots, especially if you start shooting at him the moment, he exits his home.
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