Save The Goblin Sazza Quest: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

As you progress through the story, you may find yourself in the need to find a way into the Goblin Camp to save some Tiefling Refugees or to find a druid named Halsin that can help you.

One of the ways you can get an easy way in is to save a goblin named Sazza, who is currently held up in the Druids’ Grove prison.

By springing this goblin loose from her cage, you can infiltrate the Goblin Camp without any trouble but first, you need to get her out of the Druids’ Grove.

Sazza Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get Save The Goblin Sazza Quest?

To start the Save The Goblin Sazza quest, you will need to head over to the Druids’ Grove prison and interfere with the guards.

One of them will be pointing at her and you will need to step in the way to stop anything from happening, which later allows you to break her out.

Save The Goblin Sazza WalkthroughTiefling named Arka is trying to shoot Sazza

The first thing you will need to do is stop a Tiefling named Arka from shooting Sazza, which later results in the guards leaving.

After preventing Sazza from being shot in a cage, you may speak with her to begin the quest, where she makes a deal with you if you free her.

From here, you can decide which path you want to take, which can either be fighting your way out or sneaking out.

Attacking the Tieflings and other creatures may make you their enemy but this also gives you an easier way to conquer the place if you side with the goblins.

You can sneak Sazza out but will run into some Tieflings but a skill check for some of them should get you out, making it necessary to prepare quicksaves just in case.

The best path to sneak Sazza out would be where the Tieflings are training as there are fewer enemies that you may encounter along the way.

Once you get Sazza through the gate, head towards the marked location and a short cutscene will begin where she tells you to meet her outside of the Goblin Camp.

Upon reaching the Goblin Camp, Sazza will be waiting for you and will lead you inside the wall talking to any guards who question you.

Continue following Sazza until she reaches Minthara and the two of you can speak, allowing you to decide if you will help the Druids’ Grove or join the Goblins. (This completes the quest)

Save The Goblin Sazza Quest Rewards

Saving Sazza will allow you to infiltrate the Shattered Sanctum quickly and will also earn you an audience with Minthara once you reach her.

After reporting to Minthara and a bit of chatting, you will also be rewarded with the Assassins Touch (Uncommon Dagger), which has a chance to deal extra Necrotic Damage.


Sazza was not very grateful when you released her but later on, agreed to strike a deal with you after convincing her you wanted to side with her.

Sad to say, upon arriving at Minthara, Sazza betrays you but Minthara detects the worm in your skull and decides to punish her unless you intervene.

Now that you have gotten your way into the Shattered Sanctum, you have multiple options on how you will progress with your story.

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