Ask The Goblin Priestess For Help Quest: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

While you are in the Goblin Camp and make your way to the Shattered Sanctum, you will have the chance to speak to Priestess Gut.

She is mentioned to be a healer, which later gives you the “Ask The Goblin Priestess for Help” quest, which can be started in multiple ways.

Once you have this quest, you will need to make your way to Priestess Gut and see if she can remove the parasite in your mind.

Priestess Gut Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get Ask The Goblin Priestess For Help Quest?

There are multiple ways that you can hear about Priestess Gut (True Soul Gut) and these will start the quest when this is triggered.

This can be done by talking to the guards at the entrance, speaking to her directly, and more, which leads the two of you into a discussion about it.

Ask The Goblin Priestess For Help WalkthroughTrue Soul Gut

After discussing with the Priestess Gut, she will invite you into a room to keep the Absolute Business private from the novices.

If you follow her and speak to her, a dialogue will begin where she offers you help, which includes drinking a potion.

Rejecting her offer will result in her attacking you as she wants to force you to undergo the procedure that she has planned for you.

Accepting the offer will cause you to pass out as the potion is drugged and you later wake up in chains with Gut in front of you, claiming that she wants to witness the transformation.

You may either break free from your chains or escape them with skill checks, which will allow you to retaliate against her.

If you fail both checks or decide to preserve your strength, the next time Gut arrives, she will be assassinated by a woman named Korilla, who leaves quickly. (Quest ends here)

Ask The Goblin Priestess For Help Quest Rewards

This quest does not yield many rewards aside from being able to explore what lies behind the previously locked door, allowing you to loot the area you are in.


It seems that no matter how much Priestess Gut seemed to want to help you, she actually had plans of her own and even wanted to keep you as a pet.

Depending on how you got out, Priestess Gut is now dead and you are safe from whatever plans that she previously had in mind.

This quest is a good way to progress with the main quest and help out the Tieflings as killing Gut along with 2 other bosses is required for multiple quests.

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