Starfield Vagabond Ship (How to Get, Stats & Overview)

The Vagabond is one of the more special ships you can purchase in Starfield which appears to be a modified Rambler with higher stats.

While this ship is an upgraded variant of the Rambler that you can see being sold by some of the ship’s vendors, it has its differences and comes with better parts.

When it comes to defense, the Vagabond has a higher amount of shields than most Class-A ships and a set of weapons to help fight back against enemy ships.

Vagabond Ship Starfield

How To Get Vagabond Ship?Ship Services Technician in New Homestead

You can purchase the Vagabond ship from the Ship Services Technician based in New Homestead, which is a location that you can find on Titan in the Sol system.

Titan is one of the moons that can be seen orbiting Saturn and if you need help finding the Sol system, it should be to the northwest of Alpha Centauri.

Once you reach Titan, you will be able to spot the Ship Services Technician near the Trade Authority Kiosk just before the path leading into the settlement.

Speaking to the Ship Services Technician will allow you to view what ships are for sale and this is where you will find the Vagabond ship, which costs 102950 Credits.

Vagabond Ship Overview

The Vagabond is a small upgrade from the Rambler and honestly may be lacking when it comes to certain stats such as fuel capacity and cargo capacity.

This can however be solved by upgrading the ship with better parts to make it more efficient for traveling and fighting other ships in space.

Aside from a powerful Grav Drive, the Vagabond has a higher amount of defense thanks to its shields and hull, making it decent when it comes to fighting enemy ships.

It has the following parts:

  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. PB0-30 Auto Electron Beam (Weapon)
  • Horizon Defense Infiltrator SC-01 Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Amun Dunn Amun-7 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Deflector SG-35 Shield Generator
  • Reladyne R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive
  • Xiang Tokamak X-150 Reactor

Vagabond Stats

The Vagabond sports a high amount of shields with a sturdy hull that can be powered up to regenerate quickly when in battle. (Our after a battle)

Its weapons are capable of taking down smaller ships and good enough to fight back against larger ones but upgrading or adding more would be advisable.

The fuel capacity on the Vagabond makes it a bit inconvenient for those who want to travel but this can be replaced or you can add additional parts.

Cargo Capacity260
Shielded Capacity0
Reactor20 (A)
Jump22 LY


The Vagabond is a very light ship with little difference from the Rambler and to be honest, it may not be the best choice for a new ship since it costs two times more.

With the options between the Rambler and the Vagabond, you can afford to make or even purchase a better ship instead of buying the Vagabond as there is only a small difference.

If you are rich and want to collect a bunch of ships, the Vagabond is one that you can add to your collection but you may often use other ships.

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