Genshin Impact Red Dye (Location, Making & Uses)

“Red Dye. It will surely be of use in making furnishings.”

Red Dye is a type of material that is mainly used with furnishings, it is one of the 3 different dyes that can be obtained in Genshin Impact.

Unlike most materials that can be found throughout Teyvat, Red Dye is a material that needs to be crafted, which can be done in different ways.

This material is not obtainable during the earlier stages of the game, but you can prepare for it by getting what is needed to craft it.

Where to Get Red Dye?

Genshin Impact Red Dye

Red Dye can only be obtained from the Serenitea Pot and this is because you will need to speak with the TeaPot Spirit to make it. Once you have unlocked the Serenitea Pot, you will be able to craft as many Red Dye as you want, if you have the materials to do so.

How to Make Red Dye?

To make Red Dye, you will have to have access to the Serenitea Pot, which is unlocked after completing the quest called A Teapot To Call Home: Part 1.

Once you have access to the Serenitea Pot, approach the NPC named Tubby and open up the Create Furnishings menu.

You will be able to access the Dyes Section in this menu and can choose to create Red Dye using different materials.

Red Dye can be crafted using the following:

  • Sunsettia
  • Carrot
  • Valberry

Each of the resources used to make Red Dye will cost 1 of the selected resource, which will provide you with 1 Red Dye.

Red Dye Uses

Red Dye is used mainly to make furnishings which can later be placed within your Serenitea Pot as decorations.

Below are the furnishing items that can be made using the Red Dye:

  • Alchemic Component: Burden of Dust
  • Alchemic Device: Between Fire and Water
  • Archivist’s Treasure Trove
  • Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart
  • Breeze-Blessed Bed
  • Bustling Sundry Stand
  • Checkered Cedar Ceiling
  • Cleansing Shrine
  • Cloudy Haze Bed
  • Colorful Checkered Tile
  • Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty
  • Court Lantern: Red Moon of Yore
  • Court Lantern: Thundering Heart
  • Dark Checkered Ceiling
  • Dark Wood Arch Wall
  • Desert Hut: Minutiae
  • Desert Wall-Drapes: Flaming Feathers
  • Desert Wall-Drapes: Sunset
  • Dodoco’s Beach Nap
  • Dodoco’s Collection Cupboard
  • Dodoco’s Dodo Stove
  • Dodoco’s Summertime
  • Dodoco’s Sunshade Umbrella
  • Dodoco’s Travel Bag
  • Economy Cuihua Bookshelf
  • Eight-Sided Lantern: Lucky Day
  • Embroidered Curtains
  • Embroidered Lantern: Lofty Grandeur
  • Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome
  • Exquisite Cuihua Bookshelf
  • Farmer’s Scarecrow
  • Festive Fragrance: Goods Piled High
  • Festive Fragrance: Of Gold and Jade
  • Fine Brushwork: Bowl of Blossoms
  • Fine Stall: Splash of Color
  • Floral Screen: Jade and Gold Floral Screen: Jade and Gold
  • Flower Arrangement: Sprawling Daybreak
  • Fortune Slip Stand: Omen-Reader
  • Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand
  • Gold-Lined Sandbearer Wardrobe
  • Hyoutei Stacked Aralia Wood Boxes
  • Landscape Painting: Nameless Precipice
  • Lantern-Lit Stage: Crescendo
  • Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp
  • Lost Between the Pages of a Book
  • Mondstadt Rug: Crimson Ardor
  • Narukami’s Banner
  • Neat Stack of Books
  • Pear Orchard Seat: Of Tunes and Fragrant Tea
  • Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails
  • Pine-Backed Tea Chair
  • Rainbow Cloud Flying Satin Pole
  • Rainbow Lights: At Dawn We Celebrate
  • Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View
  • Rainbow Stall: Ruby Red
  • Rally Banner
  • Red Cedar Curio Stand
  • Red Cedar Round Table
  • Red Cedar Scroll Shelf
  • Red Pine Wood Round Stool
  • Red-Iron Coral
  • Scarlet Torii Gate: Door of Silence
  • Scarlet Torii Gate: Way of Restoration
  • Shrine Annex: Pleased to Serve
  • Shrine Corridor: Sakura-Dusted Path
  • Shrine Corridor: Vermilion Gaze
  • Shrine Hall: Gentle Wishes
  • Shrine Statue: “Seirai Ward”
  • Silk Curtains: Fetching the Sanguine Sky
  • Spiritchaser Screen
  • Square Pine Tea Table
  • Sun-Scorched Solemnity
  • Tanuki Hugs Photo Board
  • Tasseled Lantern: Deck the Streets
  • Three Reaches Bright “Three Reaches Bright”
  • Tianyuan Lantern: Fragrant Brilliance
  • Traditional Cedar Flooring
  • Two-Tier Library Bookshelf 
  • Umbrella Shop: Drapes of Differing Dreams
  • Yumemiru “Juunen” Street Lamp
  • Yumemiru “Kuukai” Street Lamp
  • Yumemiru “Saikyo” Fortune Slip Hanger


Red Dye may not be the first thing that you get your hands on in the game, but you can later on get this easily after unlocking the Serenitea Pot.

If you plan on crafting a lot of furnishings, it would be best that you pick up as many Sunsettia, Carrots, and Valberry for later.

While Valberry can be used for making Red Dye, it is better off resorting to Sunsettia and Carrots as they are more common.


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