Genshin Impact Lightning Prism Location

“An Electro Hypostasis channels nearby elemental energy to repair damaged elemental entities. Contains the essence of Electro energy.

A common prism separates white light into component colors; a Lightning Prism, however, channels flowing energy and weaves them into lightning. It will continue to do so even after the Electro Hypostasis has been defeated.”

If you are searching for Lightning Prisms in Genshin Impact, you are most likely trying to ascend one of your Electro characters.

This Character Level-Up material shows Electro properties and is a requirement for making some of the Electro characters in the game stronger.

While there are not many places to obtain a Lightning Prism, you can easily get this by defeating Electro Hypostases.

Where to Get Lightning Prism?

Genshin Impact Lightning Prism

The Lightning Prism will only drop from the Electro Hypostases, which can be found in Mondstadt beyond Dadaupa Gorge, south of Cape Oath.

How to Get Lightning Prism?

Electro Hypostases can be found in the arena south of Cape Oath and they will be available to fight which will give you a chance to obtain a Lightning Prism and more.

Once defeated, you will need to interact with the Trounce Blossom to receive the rewards for defeating the Electro Hypostasis that you have fought.

Aside from obtaining one or more Lightning Prisms, you will also obtain other rewards based on the level of the Hypostasis.

Obtaining the rewards from the Trounce Blossom after defeating the Electro Hypostasis requires 40 Original Resin.

Lightning Prism Uses

A Lightning Prism is one of the Character Level-Up Materials that are used when you will ascend one of your Electro characters.

Unlike other materials used to develop your characters, there is no other use for Lightning Prism aside from being used to ascend your Electro ones.

Characters That Use Lightning Prism

There are currently 5 characters in Genshin Impact that require Lightning Prism to Ascend and all of them are Electro characters.

The following require Lightning Prism to ascend:

  • Beidou
  • Fischl
  • Keqing
  • Lisa
  • Razor


Lightning Prism has an appearance that makes it tied with Electro and this is merely one of the requirements needed for ascending.

While it may drop from only one of the bosses in the game, you can easily farm several numbers of it if you have Original Resin to do so.

While most bosses have a respawn timer, you can simply teleport away and return to fight the Electro Hypostasis again.

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