Diablo 4 Worthy of Arreat Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

After your previous ventures involving the Crane Tribe, Ealda once again needs your help with a slightly minor task involving another clan.

Ealda mentions that her ancestors had spoken to her during the night and they had mentioned that it was time to rejoin the tribes.

She has asked you to obtain tribute made from Arreat steel to be given to the Oxen Tribe, with you as the courier and messenger.

Worthy of Arreat (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Worthy of Arreat Quest?

Worthy of Arreat is a side quest that you may begin once you have completed the Fury Against Fate side quest, where you previously helped the Crane Tribe fight against cannibals.

Worthy of Arreat Objectives

1) Recover an Ancient Crane Sword

Recovering an Ancient Crane Sword

After speaking to Ealda, you will need to make your way to the Ancient’s Lament dungeon, where you will need to search for an Ancient Crane Sword.

You will be able to find one after exploring a bit towards the south when you are in the dungeon and may interact with a Dead Barbarian to obtain it.

2) Bring the ancient weapon to Gerti

Once you have taken the Ancient Crane Sword, you may leave the dungeon and make your way to Ked Bardu, where you may find Gerti.

This can be done by traveling on foot (or mount) or by teleporting to the Ked Bardu Waypoint if you have already unlocked it. (The quest ends after you speak to Gerti)

Worthy of Arreat Quest Rewards

After attempting to give the Ancient Crane Sword to Gerti, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


After obtaining the Ancient Crane Sword from within the Ancient’s Lament dungeon and bringing it back to Gerti, she chose not to accept it.

It seems that whatever feud the two clans had with each other has left a scar that cannot be fixed by a simple tribute from the Crane Clan.

Gerti insists on asking Ealda where it came from and this could be the beginning of an alliance or the start of a battle in the future.

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