Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

You and Ealda previously went to the Champion’s Demise to obtain the Blood-etched Spears that were meant to boost the confidence of the Crane Tribe.

The time has now come for the Crane Tribe to fight back against the cannibals that have been tormenting them in Sanctuary.

You are to meet Ealda at the Wasting Hallow and lead them against the cannibals to put a stop to their terrorizing once and for all.

Fury Against Fate (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Fury Against Fate Quest?

You will be able to start the Fury Against Fate side quest after completing the Raising Spears side quest, which previously set you out to collect Blood-etched Spears for the Crane Tribe.

Fury Against Fate Objectives

1) Speak with Ealda at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot

After the previous quest (Raising Spears), you will need to meet back with Ealda, who is making preparations to attack the cannibals.

2) Meet Ealda within the Wasting Hollows

Now that everyone is ready, it is time to meet the Ealda along with the Crane Tribe in the Wasting Hollows. (Dungeon is marked on your map)

3) Speak with Ealda

Once you are ready to begin the attack, you will need to speak with Ealda and she will motivate the tribe before they charge in.

4) Clear the cannibal feeding ground

Clearing the cannibal feeding ground

After Ealda’s speech, the Crane Tribe will go charging in (you will join them) and you will need to destroy the Gore-soaked Barricade to reach the feeding ground.

Once you are past the barricade, there will be cannibals that need to be slain and once the area is clear, Ealda will wait for you to speak with her.

5) Speak with Ealda

Go ahead and speak with Ealda and shortly after, more cannibals will come to attack you and the Crane Tribe within the feeding grounds.

6) Survive the cannibal incursion alongside the Crane Tribe

Waves of cannibals will appear and attack you and the tribe, which requires you clear all of them out until none are left standing.

7) Speak with Ealda

Once the battle is over, you may speak to Ealda and shortly after a bit of dialogue, the quest will come to an end and the Crane Tribe will now be safe.

Fury Against Fate Quest Rewards

After defeating the cannibals in their feeding grounds, the Crane Tribe triumphs and the quest is complete, rewarding you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Gem Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown

Fury Against Fate Bug

Before being able to start the fight in the Wasting Hollows, there is a possibility that the Crane Tribe will be stuck and nothing happens.

This also causes the Gore-soaked Barricade to be seemingly invulnerable, preventing you from continuing with the quest.

To fix this issue, there is a set of steps that will allow you to continue with the quest, which is the following:

  1. Exit the Wasting Hollows
  2. Set your game into windowed or windowed fullscreen
  3. Reduces your background fps to 1
  4. Log out of the game and log back in
  5. Enter the dungeon and tab out of the game
  6. Tab back into the game and speak to Ealda

Following these steps in order will cause the Crane Tribe to charge into battle after Ealda gives her battle speech.

This is required to make sure that everything loads properly inside the cave, which will allow the Crane Tribe to attack after Ealda motivates them.

You need to set your background fps to 1, exit the dungeon, and relog outside to reset the dungeon’s instance. (Resetting the dungeon manually outside may work)

Before you enter the dungeon, get ready to tab out (Alt Tab) of the game as this will make sure that it is running at 1fps, allowing everything to load properly.

Once you have done all these, you may proceed with the quest as if there were no bugs present in the first place.


The battle is over and the Crane Tribe has come out as the victor thanks to your help, which should send the cannibals back from where they came.

It looks like the Blood-etched Spears and Ealda’s determination played a big role in bringing the tribe together for a final stand.

Now that the cannibals have been put back in their place, the Crane Tribe should not have any more trouble with them.

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