Diablo 4 Raising Spears Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

After previously helping Ealda figure out what had happened to some of her barbarians, she discovered that they had gone down the path to cannibalism.

This has given her the urge to find a way to strengthen her people but first, items known as Blood-etched Spears will need to be collected.

You are to accompany Ealda to the Champion’s Demise dungeon to retrieve these spears that belonged to the past seasoned warriors.

Raising Spears (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Raising Spears Quest?

The Raising Spears side quest starts right away after you have completed the Consumed by Pride side quest, which previously had you searching for Ealda’s missing barbarians.

Raising Spears Objectives

1) Speak with Ealda

After completing the previous side quest, you will need to speak to Ealda, who will explain how to remind the Crane Tribe of their ancestor’s glory.

2) Collect Blood-etched Spears from Champion’s Demise with Ealda

Interacting with the blood-etched spear

You and Ealda will be making your way to the Champion’s Demise dungeon, which will be marked on your map and can be found in Desolation’s Reach. (Untamed Scarps)

Once you are in Champion’s Demise, you will need to explore the area and find the Blood-etched Spears, which will be marked on your map when you are near them, (Interact with the spears)

A total of 8 Blood-etched Spears will need to be completed before the quest will come to an end, which begins another one right away. (Completing the dungeon is optional)

Raising Spears Quest Rewards

Once all 8 Blood-etched Spears have been taken, the Raising Spears quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown

Immediately after the Raising Spears side quest has been completed, you will begin another side quest called Fury Against Fate.


Ealda was devastated to learn that members of her tribe had abandoned their glory and had settled for cannibalism, drawing her to search for a way to bring back their honor.

She believes that through the Blood-etched Spears, she can remind them of the tribe they once were and hopefully, this can be done now that they have been collected.

It is now time to see if Ealda was right and to witness the Blood-etched Spears effects when returned to their proper owners.

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