Diablo 4 Consumed by Pride Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

As you travel through the Crane Tribe Hutmoot, you hear about the trouble with some of the warriors of the Crane Tribe and decide to help out.

Speaking to Ealda reveals that their tribe has been fighting back against attacks from nearby cannibals and some warriors are now missing.

With only blood trails as a hint, you will need to search for the missing warriors to see what fate has become of them.

Consumed by Pride (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Consumed by Pride Quest?

The Consumed by Pride side quest will begin once you have spoken to Ealda, who can be found in the Crane Tribe Hutmoot in the Untamed Scarps. (Dry Steppes)

Consumed by Pride Objectives

1) Search for the missing Crane Tribe barbarians

After speaking to Ealda, you will need to head south of the Crane Tribe Hutmoot and proceed to the marked area.

Heading to the southern part of the marked area will lead you to a small tent with a campfire that has a Mutilated Barbarian nearby.

2) Investigate the Mutilated Barbarian

Investigating the Mutilated Barbarian

You will need to interact with the Mutilated Barbarian and it is revealed that his flesh has been torn with evident signs of being eaten. (a surprised face full of terror is shown by his face)

3) Return to Ealda with the news of the barbarians’ fate

A couple of Blood-crazed Barbarians will appear and attack you, which you can fight or leave as you return to the Crane Tribe Hutmoot.

Head back to Ealda and speak with her to give her the news about what has happened to the missing barbarians. (Speaking to her begins a short cutscene that later ends the quest)

Consumed by Pride Quest Rewards

After speaking to Ealda about what has happened and the cutscene finishes, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Leather Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown

Completing the Consumed by Pride side quest also activates another quest called Raising Spears, which has you speaking to Ealda about what has happened.


The Crane Tribe has been constantly under attack by the cannibals and it seems that the missing warriors were not killed by them.

It was a shame to find out that these warriors let go of their honor and became barbarians themselves, feasting on one of their kin.

Ealda still thinks about what has happened and will most likely have something in mind, which makes it necessary to check on her.

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