Diablo 4 Undertaking Quest Walkthrough

Searching for Vigo has resulted in the two of you along with Neyrelle to begin investigating the mines where the demon sightings were claimed to be.

Your initial search led to a questionable result as the Ore Hoist was no longer functioning and the three of you had to sort to find another way to get inside.

Vigo is leading the way and has unlocked the path leading to the Condemned Mines, where you will need to search for Neyrelle’s mother and Lilith.

Diablo 4 Undertaking Campaign Quest

How To Get Undertaking Quest?

Undertaking becomes available after you have completed The Knight and the Magpie, which previously had you, Neyrelle, and Vigo searching the upper parts of the mines.

Undertaking Quest ObjectivesEntering the dungeon Condemned Mines

1) Enter the Condemned Mines

You will need to enter the dungeon known as the Condemned Mines to begin your search, which will have Neyrelle following you.

Once you have entered the Condemned Mines, you will need to begin exploring the area until you find a locked door.

2) Inspect the door

Upon discovering that the door is locked, the three of you will have nowhere else to go but Neyrelle decides to squeeze through to try to open it.

3) Slay the approaching monsters

While Neyrelle is busy getting to the door to unlock it, you will need to fight off enemies that begin to appear in the area.

4) Pursue Lilith and Vhenard with Vigo and Neyrelle

Now that the door has been opened, the three of you must now continue venturing deeper into the mines to find Lilith and Vhenard.

You will need to continue making your way as you fight through enemies until you reach a dungeon simply labeled as an “Opening.”

5) Use the opening to escape the mines

With nowhere else to go, you and the others will need to enter the Opening, which will take you to The Darkened Way. (Quest ends here)

Undertaking Rewards

After traveling through the Condemned Mines and making your way to The Darkened Way, the Undertaking quests will be complete.

You will be rewarded with XP and Gold based on what level your character is along with a Rare ring that your character can equip.


As the three of you were making your way through the mines, it appears that things were not as safe as people may have thought they would be.

You delved into the Condemned Mines only to find that most of the things were no longer functioning and had to find an alternate route.

Now that you are in The Darkened Way, it is time to continue searching for Neyrelle’s mother and Lilith, wherever they may be.

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