Diablo 4 Cries of Innocence Quest Walkthrough

A man stands by the bridge in Olyam Tundra who is grieving for some reason and as you approach it is revealed that he is haunted by a ghost.

Speaking to the man, who is known as Vendral Trost, he tells you about his son that was sent away to the Black Asylum.

Vendral Trost continues to be haunted by his son and has asked for your help, which requires you to find the tormented spirit and put it to rest.

Cries of Innocence (Side Quest) Side Quest

How To Get Cries of Innocence Quest?

You can start the Cries of Innocence quest by speaking to Vendral Trost in the Olyam Tundra just northeast of Kyovashad.

Cries of Innocence Quest ObjectivesSlaying the tormented spirit of Corik Trost

1) Enter the Black Asylum

Corik Trost, the son of Vendral Trost (or his spirit rather) may be found in the Black Asylum, where he wanders endlessly when he isn’t tormenting his father.

Head over to the entrance, which is not far from where you first spoke to Vendral Trost, and enter it to begin your search for Corik Trost.

2) Slay the Tormented Spirit of Corik Trost

You will need to venture further into the Black Asylum and search the area for where Corik Trost is and once you are nearby, the area will be marked.

Upon entering the area, you will find Corik Trost the Abandoned and will have to slay him while also fighting off the other monsters in the area.

3) Speak with Vendral Trost

After you have put the spirit of Corik Trost to rest, head back to Vendral Trost and speak with him, which will later end the side quest.

Cries of Innocence Rewards

Once you have put the spirit of Corik Trost to rest and have spoken with Vendral Trost, the quest will be complete, and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • 1 Murmuring Cache


Vendral Trost does not mention the exact reason why Corik was taken into the Black Asylum but in the end, it seems that he blamed himself.

Corik Trost believes that he was abandoned but it is truly a mystery what the cause of his imprisonment was and what transpired.

Vendral Trost still feels guilty but now has the courage to go visit his son, who has been put to rest thanks to your help.

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