Diablo 4 Chain of Possession Quest Walkthrough

As you travel to Menestad, you encounter a man surrounded by massacred knights outside of a cellar that is glowing red.

The man begs you for your help claiming that a woman who is wielding an Axe has slaughtered his knights without breaking a sweat.

You will need to head into the Red Cellar to see what kind of demon is within and put a stop to it before it can kill more people.

Chain of Possession Side Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Chain of Possession?

The Chain of Possession Side Quest becomes available after you have completed The Woodsman of Nevesk Side Quest and can be started in Menestad.

This is a continuation of the story as you previously retrieved The Woodsman’s Axe and handed it to Magdalena in the previous quest.

Chain of Possession Quest ObjectivesKilling Magdalena and picking up The Woodsman’s Axe

1) Enter The Red Cellar

You will need to see what has been killing all of the knights and to do this, you will need to head down into The Red Cellar.

2) Approach Magdalena

It turns out the killer is Magdelena, who you previously gave The Woodsman’s Axe to and it seems she has been corrupted by it.

Head over to her to hear what she has to say, which will be a short dialogue telling you to stay back before she begins to attack.

3) Slay Magdalena and take the Woodsman’s Axe

There will be no other choice now and you will have to slay Magdalena and take an Axe from her dead body afterward.

Magdalena will not be difficult to kill and should go down and once she has been slain, you will need to pick up The Woodsman’s Axe. 

4) Speak to Parin

The man from earlier will head into the cellar now that Magdalena has been killed and once you speak to him he will ask for your help, which ends the quest. (Another quest is activated after)

Chain of Possession Rewards

After retrieving The Woodsman’s Axe and speaking to Parin, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • 1 Gem Cache

Additionally, the Legacy Unmade Side Quest will immediately begin, which is the next quest where you are to assist Parin.


If you remember obtaining The Woodsman’s Axe in an earlier mission, it looks like you were tricked and Magdalena had become possessed by The Woodsman.

It seems that wielding an Axe allowed her to become possessed by the demon and caused her to go on a killing spree in Menestad.

Parin is set out to finish off an Axe once and for all and will be waiting for you in the Crags of Ill Wind to prevent this from happening again.

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