Aspect of Splintering Energy (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Lightning Spear is one of the Sorcerer’s Cooldown Skills that allows them to summon a projectile that seeks out targets, dealing damage to enemies one by one.

This works well when it comes to dealing damage to multiple targets but it can also be modified to gain a chance to release more than one projectile.

With the Aspect of Splintering Energy, Lightning Spear can release another projectile that does the same thing, giving you twice as much killing proficiency.

Aspect of Splintering Energy

 Aspect of Splintering Energy Effects (Lightning Spear Aspect)

With the addition of Aspect of Splintering Energy in your build, Lightning Spear has a chance to summon another projectile that seeks enemies with it.

This means that the skill will have a certain chance to release another Lightning Spear, causing two of them to go around damaging targets.

The additional Lightning Spear does the same amount of damage as the first and can help you clear out enemies quickly or make taking tougher enemies faster.

 Aspect of Splintering Energy LocationAspect of Splintering Energy you can find in the Orath’s Redoubt (Kehjistan)

You may unlock the Aspect of Splintering Energy by completing the Crumbling Hekma Dungeon, which is found in Orath’s Redoubt. (Kehjistan)

Before you can gain access to Orath’s Redoubt, you must first conquer the Stronghold as this will be the only way for the dungeon to appear.

How To Get Aspect of Splintering Energy? (Crumbling Hekma Walkthrough)Fighting with the Tomb Lord in the Crumbling Hekma

Entering the Crumbling Hekma will place you inside the Desolate Sacellum, which requires you to fight your way to the Root of Affliction, where the Tomb Lord awaits.

  • Slay all enemies in the Desolate Sacellum
  • Slay the Redeemers (3)
  • Travel to the Root of Affliction
  • Defeat the Tomb Lord

Once you have reached the Root of Affliction, you will need to face the Tomb Lord and defeat it to complete the dungeon, which will unlock the Aspect of Splintering Energy.


Not only will you be able to release 2 Lightning Spears by chance, but the second one will also be affected by other passive skills that you have.

This means that it is as if you have cast Lightning Spear twice, which can make fighting your enemies easier, especially when combined with other skills.

Since Lightning Spear has a cooldown, being able to release 2 in a single cast will allow you to deal a lot of damage in a smaller amount of time.

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