The Homestead Part 3 Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

BL3 Side Mission The Homestead Part 3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands – Pitt’s Stop
  • Level: 36

Pa needs your help at the homestead as Bessie, The Homestead’s defense measure is out of gas and you’re the only one who can power it up.

You will be tasked with helping Pa get Bessie up and running again to avoid any trouble brought by unwanted guests.

Mission Walkthrough

After talking to Pa about the mission, he will lead you towards the barn where you will need to help get Bessie started.

Once you and Pa arrive at the barn, he will open up the barn doors and you can then proceed to start Bessie.

You will first need to supply Bessie with the right mixture of fuel and will need to open up the valves to do so.

The first valve is on the right just as you enter the barn and you will need to interact with it to start the fuel mixing process.

You will then need to interact with the second valve will be marked by a waypoint and a ladder that you can easily access.

Once you have activated the second valve, climb up from where the second valve is and cross over to the other side where a waypoint is marking the third valve.

Getting to the fourth valve may be tricky if you do not check your surroundings so be sure to look in the front third valve and you will notice an arrow pointing to a ladder you must climb.

Once you are up the ladder there will be an opening where you can reenter the barn in order to carefully head over to the fourth valve.

The fourth valve will be stuck and you will have to attack it to unjam it before moving on to the last valve.

At the other window, you will see a red cloth marking a point that you need to jump to which may require you to get a running start.

Once you reach the window, head out and you will see a way going up which requires you to climb in it in order to proceed.

The last valve will be unreachable and you will instead need to shoot at it with your weapon which makes the mixing process successful.

Once the fuel supply for Bessie is mixed, a ladder will be accessible and you will then need to climb up to it.

Continue making your way and you will reach a ladder that goes to the very top of the barn where you will find the lever to activate Bessie.

Upon reaching the top of the roof, there will be a lever that needs to be pulled and once you have done this, Bessie will be activated.

As you reach the ground, bandits will begin to attack The Homestead which will require you and Bessie to start defending the area.

Clear out all of the enemies that arrive at The Homestead in order to proceed with the mission.

Once all enemies have been cleared out, have a talk to Pa who will then thank you, completing the mission.

The Homestead Part 3 Mission Rewards

After speaking with Pa when all objectives have been completed, you will receive around 10,644 cash and the “Po’s Rifle” rare rifle.


  • Be sure to check where the waypoints are before jumping or moving when mixing the fuel for Bessie to avoid having to climb up repeatedly.
  • Enemies will arrive the moment you reach the ground after Bessie is activated so be prepared for a fight.
  • Although Bessie has been activated, you will need to do most of the killing if you want to finish the mission fast.
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