The Homestead Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

BL3 Side Mission The Homestead

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands – Pitt’s Stop
  • Level: 26

Ma Honeywell is having some issues since some “neighbors” that borrowed some things from them have not returned the items.

Your mission is to help Ma by getting those items back as they are needed for The Homestead to remain safe and functional.

Mission Walkthrough

First you will need to meet up with Ma Honeywell who will be waiting for you at The Homestead marked by a waypoint.

After meeting with Ma, you will have two waypoints showing the locations of the fuse and turbine core that have been borrowed from them.

Head for the core that is near the bandit radio tower first as it is much closer and you can either fight through the enemies or run past them and take cover while rushing towards it.

Grab the core and either rush out of the area or fast travel to your vehicle if you brought one with you.

Make your way towards the turbine core marked by a waypoint which will lead you to The Rave Cave where it is being used for their partying needs.

Fight past the enemies in the club and make your way towards the back room but careful as there is a miniboss in the area called “DJ DeadsK4g” that is stronger than the other enemies.

At the very back of The Rave Cave, you will find the turbine core and will need to take it in order to proceed.

Make your way back to The Homestead once you have obtained both parts and Ma will then ask you to install them in their respective devices after you report to her.

Install the turbine core near the entrance of The Homestead which will power the electrical fence for keeping enemies out.

Head to the shack nearby and install the wind turbine core which will provide The Homestead with power.

Once you are finished installing the items where Ma requests you install them, head back to her to complete the mission.

The Homestead Mission Rewards

Completing The Homestead will end up rewarding you with cash in the amount of around 10,644 and the next mission The Homestead Part 2 will be available afterwards.


  • It is possible to collect the parts without confronting enemies and instead rushing through them if you prefer to finish the mission quickly.
  • Be sure to bring a vehicle with you as you will be going to multiple locations and this can also help you escape if you decide to ignore the enemies.
  • The Rave Cave is packed with enemies and its best to lure them out instead of rushing head on unless your character can take damage.
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