The Homestead Part 2 Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

BL3 Side Mission The Homestead Part 2

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands – Pitt’s Stop
  • Level: 36

The water in The Homestead has stopped running and Ma needs you to go solve the issue as Pa went off to do the task but hasn’t come back yet.

You will need to figure out what is preventing the water from flowing and to figure out what has happened to dear old Pa.

Mission Walkthrough

You will first need to head over to the spring which is sealed off by a gate that you must open by pressing a button a the side.

Once the gate is open, head towards the spring marked on your map by a waypoint, fighting your way through any skags that you encounter.

As you proceed to the area where the blockage has occurred, you will come across a large skag called Vermilingua which you must kill.

Upon death, Vermilingua will explode and Pa will be seen afterwards in a weakened state as he had apparently been swallowed by the large skag.

Approach Pa and resurrect him to proceed with the mission and he will explain how he ended up in the large skag’s belly.

Pa will then ask you to go looking around for dynamite as he intended on blowing up a dam made of poop and you will need to search poop that is scattered around the area for the missing dynamite.

You will need to find a total of 3 in order to proceed with the mission.

Destroying the poop that is scattered around the area will reveal it either to drop random items or the Explosive that you are looking for.

Once you have found all of the dynamite, Pa will ask you to place them in the dam which you must disgustingly do where they are marked by waypoints.

Once the dynamite has been placed in the dam, Pa will ask you to do the honors and blow up the blockage.

Pa will tell you to head back and you will then talk to Ma to fill her in on the situation and the mission will be completed after a brief chat with her.

The Homestead Part 2 Mission Rewards

After completing The Homestead Part 2, you will be rewarded with around 10,644 cash and the Homestead Part 3 mission will be available.


  • The large skag called Vermalingua is much larger than the other skags and will be harder to kill but as it enters the area, you should be able to get a lot of shots off of it.
  • Since you will mainly be fighting against skags, using incendiary weapons will help deal a lot of damage against them.
  • Try to kill all the skags along the way so you don’t get overwhelmed if you are not strong enough to handle all of them at once.
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