Proof of Wife Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Proof of Wife Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Lectra City
  • Level: 15

A person disguised as an Atlas soldier has been captured and is begging for your help as they have been captured by crazy bandits.

You are tasked into finding the bandits partner for life who has been captured and bring them back to exchange with the captive disguised at an Atlas soldier.

Mission Walkthrough

Head To The Hideout


Make your way to the underground hideout where Tumourhead, a crazed bandit is holding the captive hostage.


There will be corrupt deputy bots outside demanding a cut for when the hostage is returned which you must kill to proceed with the mission.


After killing the deputy bots, press the buzzer to call Tumourhead so that you can strike a deal with her to free the hostage.


Tumourhead will speak through one of the bandit gatekeeper robots and tell you to find Bloodshine, her lover and free her to exchange the hostage with.


Make your way topside and head to the Police HQ where Bloodshine is being held prisoner by deputy bots.


Once you reach the Police HQ, head up to the intercom and activate it which will have your character trick the deputy bots into opening the gate.


Defeat all the enemies inside the Police HQ and make your way towards the waypoint to the cage that holds Bloodshine.


Activate the release lever on the side of the cage to release Bloodshine from the police but be ready and keep a bit of distance.


Bloodshine will be released and despise the fact that a vault hunter has saved her and in turn she tells you that she will offer your spleen to Tyreen and of course you are to kill her.


Since there is no more Bloodshine, the hostage who is later revealed to be Naoko tells you to instead grab her mask and bring it back as she has a plan.


Head back to the hideout and place the mask on one of the hanging bodies in an attempt to trick Tumourhead since she can’t see very well and Naoko hopes this will cause her to believe it is Bloodshine and open up the gate.


As the gate opens, kill all the enemies that are waiting inside and make your way towards a pit where all those who are supposed to welcome Bloodshine back will be waiting.


Jump down into the pit and kill all of the enemies that spawn until there are no more left but be sure to stock up before doing so or equipping weapons that will help you handle multiple bandits.


Take care of all the enemies while you are down in the pit until the only one left is Tumourhead, who will be waiting behind a gate when you clear the area.


When the gate opens, kill Tumourhead as soon as you can to avoid taking damage from her and head to the left of the room to go to Naoko.


Shoot the lock that is glowing to unlock the gate where Naoko is being held captive to release her and she will talk with you for a bit before the mission ends.

Proof of Wife Mission Rewards


Naoko will rewards you with an Epic sniper rifle called the “Soleki Protocal” as well as an amount of around 1,313 cash.



  • Try not to take this mission up if you are lower than the level and can’t handle most of the enemies in Lectra City since they can be quite overwhelming and instead gain some levels above first.
  • Focus on the tougher enemies first when fighting Tumourhead’s family so you can use the weak ones to revive yourself when you get downed.
  • Make sure that you have ammo before heading into the Police HQ as well as jumping down the pit as you may run out due to the vast number of enemies inside.
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