Borderlands 3 Killavolt (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Killavolt Boss

Killavolt is a bandit who has pumped up on too much when it comes to electricity and hosts his “bang a bazillionare” event in Lectra City on Promethea.

Moxxi asks you to kill him so he can’t interfere with her plans with her underdome anymore in the Kill Killavolt side mission.

He wears a helmet and armor with a battery mount and covers himself with a shield when he can to make up for his weak capabilities.


Killavolt will be the boss in the Kill Killavolt mission which you will face after fighting for a chance to meet him via the token ceremony which is actually Moxxi’s plan for you to kill him.

Fighting & Killing Killavolt


Killavolt can be a bit annoying to fight since his shield can protect majority of his body and not much damage is done by hitting other parts of his bodies.

His charge pack located on his back however is exposed and will allow you to deal a higher amount of damage against him.

He will attack you with different kinds of attacks so its best to keep moving so you can evade as well as get a good shot at him.


Killavolt will often move around slow, giving you time to take shots at him but also be careful since bandits will occasionally spawn.

Save the bandits for when you get downed so you can score a second wind and make use of the container lying around if you need to restore your health.


Be sure to watch out for parts of the floor that are glowing with shock effects as these will deal damage to you and can bring your shields or health really low if you ignore them.

He will be firing a shock laser at you or shock projectiles rapidly which can be evaded by running or jumping out of the way.

Weak Spots


Killavolt’s weak spot is located on his back and is actually his charge pack which can be damage by shooting the glowing parts located on top the rods or in the center of his charge pack.

Notable Attacks

Charge Attack


Watch out for his slam attack as this allows him to close a bit of distance between you and him while fighting each other.

Slide out of the way or get a critical hit to cancel his attack and give you more shots while he is staggered.

Shock Slam


Killavolt will sometime slam the ground, sending out sparks and shocking damage which can be evaded by jumping out of the way or keeping distance.

Notable Drops


Aside from dropping multiple uncommon and even rare items, Killavolt has a chance to drop the “9-Volt” legendary weapon.



  • The arena is prone to getting filled with electricity panels for the floor so be careful where you stand and avoid staying too long.
  • Killavolt moves slow at times so keep moving around and don’t stay still or else you may take more damage than usual and you won’t get that many good shots.
  • Jumping and firing can make hitting his weak spots really easy as well as keep you safe from most of his attacks.
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