Kill Killavolt Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Killavolt Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Lectra City
  • Level: 15

Killavolt has replaced Moxxi’s gladiatorial even with his revolting “who wants to bang a bazillionare even” where people compete and kill each other to sleep with him as a prize.

Moxxi wants you to enter the event for her but has a something different in mind in an attempt to take Killavolt out of the picture, permanently.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To Lectra City


If you don’t know where Lectra City is yet, head to the Watershed base and follow the waypoint after the mission becomes active.

Entering The Battle Royale


There will be a crowd as well as Moxxi will be standing there claiming that you will be her fighting in her place which Killavolt accepts.


Lectra City will be crawling with bandits while you fight your way heading to each of the other competitors.

Killing The Competitors


Proceed to each of the competitors which will be marked by a waypoint and head to them while killing other enemies along the way to make things easier.


After killing each competitor, be sure to pick up their token which you will give to Killavolt later during the token ceremony.


Trudy the Toe-less can be found in the Big Dock Energy area near the water at the far end.


Cross over the containers at the side to make your way to the battery that needs to be collected.


Jenny of Raden-3 is located in Downtown Square where you need to head down the stairs and find her at the back.


Climb up at the side of a building which has marker showing that it can be reach, following the waypoint.


Lena Of Raden-6 is located in The Hills area which requires you to go around part of the city, making this a good choice for the last enemy.


The battery near Lena Of Raden-6 is at the very side where you will climb up between parts of the building.

Heading To Moxxi’s


After killing all of the competitors and collecting everything that you need, head over to Moxxi’s bar which is located in Lectra City.


Hand the batteries over to Moxxi so she can create a special token for you to give to Killavolt which will disrupt his shields later on.


After Moxxi has crafted her special token, take it and make your way towards the Bone Dome where Killavolt is waiting to give Moxxi her prize for winning.

The Token Ceremony


Proceed inside and make your way towards the fighting area but make sure you stock up on ammo just in case you were short after the previous fights with the competitors.


Jump down into the fighting area where you will surprise Killavolt with the special token from Moxxi in a bit.


During the token ceremony, you will hand over all the tokens which also includes the special token that Moxxi made that will be given last.


After you give Killavolt Moxxi’s token, his shield will explode and the battle begins in a few seconds.


Kill Killavolt and all the other enemies that remain to proceed with the mission which will cause him to drop his charge pack.


Pick up his charge pack and bring it back to Moxxi’s bar where she will tell you what you are to do with it afterwards.


Moxxi will instruct you to install it on the Killa Krapper, a portable bathroom as means to showing his worth.


Head back over to Moxxi and she will thank you for helping her out before returning to Sanctuary, ending the mission and giving you a reward.

Kill Killavolt Mission Rewards


Moxxi will give you around 1,313 cash as well as a legendary “Moxxxi’s Bar” decoration which you can place in your room.



  • If you are not around level 15, try to take out the bandits that you encounter while heading to the competitors to make the most out of the experience you can get so that you are strong enough for items from the area and have a better chance fighting Killavolt.
  • When fighting Killavolt, try to jump and fire at him to avoid taking damage that comes from the ground as well as to make him miss his attacks.
  • Enemies don’t frequently spawn while fighting Killavolt and it would be wise to save the chests inside for health rather than opening all of them at the same time.
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