Invasion of Privacy Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Invasion of Privacy

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Athenas
  • Location: Sanctuary/Athenas
  • Level: 17

Ava left some of her things as she was excited to join up with the Crimson Raiders and forgot to bring them with her to Sanctuary.

Your mission is to bring these things back and anything else that is vital to her despite what condition they might be in.

Mission Walkthrough

Finding Ava’s Belongings


Follow the cable that is connected to the vending machine to the power source which will also be marked by a waypoint.


As you head to the waypoints you will notice that some of Ava’s things will be scattered around the area.


Continue along the way picking up all of Ava’s things and after that you will need to check for her diary which is of great importance to her.


Fight your way past the enemies and head for the waypoint where her diary is supposedly stashed in a safe nearby.

Finding Ava’s Diary


You will find the container that should have her diary in Windward Plaza but to her surprise it is already empty.


After a few seconds a broadcast will start where a Maliwan soldier named Private Beans has found her diary and begins to read it out loud.


Continue going through the area and follow the waypoint to search for Beans while he keeps reading the diary entries.


You will stumble upon one of the pages that has been ripped out of the diary which causes Ava to remind you how urgent it is getting.


As you continue along you will find another page and Ava will begin to panic more and she begins to get annoyed telling you to hurry before he finds her secret.


Once you get a third page, Beans will mention finding a map and Ava will tell you to head to the location where she has hidden a key before he finds it.

Killing Beans


When you reach the location where the key is nearby, Beans and some Maliwan troops will already be nearby and you must kill them before you can continue with the mission.

Accessing The Hidden Cache


After killing Beans and the Maliwan forces, head over to the nearby waypoint where the key to a hidden stash is located.


Take the key then follow the next waypoint which will lead you to the secret stash that Ava did not want Beans to open.


You can either find your own way heading to the hidden stash or pass by near the entrance before you encountered Beans and go beyond the fence and head left.


Keep going down ledges until you reach the weapon cache that is marked by the waypoint and open it up.


After opening the chest, fast travel back to the Sanctuary so that you can return all of the items Ava left behind.

Returning Ava’s Stuff


Head to Ava’s room and put each item where it belongs to return them to Ava and bring the mission near completion.


After all of Ava’s things have been returned, talk to her and this will complete the mission.

Invasion of Privacy Mission Rewards


After all of Ava’s items have been returned and you talk to her, she will reward you with around 1,235 cash and will let you keep the weapons you found in the weapons cache.



  • You can rush towards the pages of Ava’s diary if you do not want to spend too much time clearing out enemies.
  • Beans can be quite sturdy similar to a badass enemy and will be accompanied by strong Maliwan force so be sure to be ready for a fight.
  • Enemies may have a higher level than you and it might be a good idea to clear out the areas before fighting Beans and the other troops near the end of the mission.
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