Holy Spirits Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Holy Spirits

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Athenas
  • Location: Athenas
  • Level: 12

The distillery of the monks has been infested with ratch who have continuously increased in number and taken over the area.

Brother Mendel has asked you to go inside and eradicate all of the ratch and clear the area of their infestation to allow the monks to continue their drinks.

Mission Walkthrough

Entering The Cellar


Once Brother Mendel opens the cellar, head inside and make your way down the stairs to carry out cleaning up the infestation.

Clearing Ratch Gunk


There will be ratch gunk in the cellar which you will have to clear out by using the distilled spirits stored in the cellar.


Simply shoot the barrels to release the distilled spirits will melt away the ratch gunk which will usually be blocking your path.


After the ratch gunk is clear out head further and carry out your other tasks and keep in mind there will be 3 instances of ratch gunk which you need to dissolve.

Kill Ratch Broodmothers


Another task you will have is to kill the ratch broodmothers in the cellar which will lead you to kill 3 of them in total.

Harvesting Intoxicated Ratch Livers (Bonus Objective)


An optional objective will be available where you are to harvest the livers of intoxicated ratch that have been drinking the distilled spirits.


To harvest the livers, aim at the dead ratch and press your melee key when prompted on screen.


The whole ratch will dissolve which will add 1 liver each where you need a total of 5 livers all in all to complete the bonus objective.

Ringing The Bell


After completing the tasks, you need to exit by ringing the bell on the inside but before you can do this you must kill the ratch nest at the exit.


After you kill the ratch nest, a bell striker will drop which you will use to ring the bell which opens up the gate.


Before you can place the bell striker to strike the bell, you will need to clear ratch gunk blocking the area.


After the ratch gunk is cleared, place the bell striker so you can signal Brother Mendel that the area is clear.


Once you ring the bell, the gates will open and you can exit the cellar to claim your reward from Brother Mendel.


If you were able o collect all 5 ratch livers, you may place them inside a container which will accomplish the bonus objective.


Once you are done, talk to Brother Mendel to finish the mission and get your reward.

Taking Flight Mission Rewards


After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with an epic shield mod and around 467 cash.


If you had collected ratch livers and turned them in before talking to Brother Mendel, he will additionally open up his storage for you to loot.



  • Try not to get stuck in tight corners so you don’t get overrun by the groups of ratch which can become quite deadly and hard to handle.
  • Ratch can be easy to kill but be sure you still bring a good supply of ammunition to take care of the many groups of them as well as the stronger ones.
  • Focus on finishes the objectives one at a time to avoid going back and searching all over the place.
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