Healers and Dealers Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Healers and Dealers

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Meridian Outskirts
  • Level: 11

Claptrap contacts you about him offering help 7 years ago and asks you to respond the call just now so you venture out to help the person in need.

You are tasked to find the person that sent out the call for aid and assist them, if they are still alive that is.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Recovery Center


After receiving the mission wait for Claptrap to explain the details of the missions which kind of takes a few minutes or simply head left after grabbing a vehicle.


A waypoint will lead you to Mt. Schuler Recovery Center where Ace Baron is located so head over there and enter the center.


Ace Baron will tell you that his request was 7 years ago but there is still something you can do to help as he is short on supplies.

He will send you out to get meds and blood packs from different locations.

Collecting Medical Supplies


Your closest destination will be to a black-market dealer who has some of the supplies who is located up a ladder in a small raised shack.


Head up the ladder going to the black-market seller to negotiate with him where Ace Baron will tell you to just threaten him.


You can decide to either threaten him to get it for free or to pay 1000 cash which will end up with you getting a bonus reward later on.


Once you have chosen one of the two choices, he will hand over the supplies which you can grab and head to your next waypoint.


Get into our vehicle and head over to one of the garages marked by your waypoint where a vehicle that has enemies that have stolen supplies are riding which you must destroy and loot medical supplies from.


After destroying the vehicle, the supplies will be dropped but you don’t need to exit your vehicle as you may simply drive near them which will automatically loot the supplies.


Your last waypoint for collecting supplies will be in one of the underground storage areas where ratch have infested a medical supply cache.


You have a choice of either killing the ratch that are in the area or just grabbed the supplies and moving on.


Head to the supply cache and loot the medical supplies and make your way back to Ace Barron who will say that there are not enough blood packs and he will supply the last one.

Bringing Back The Supplies


When you reach the recovery center, place the materials that you have gathered in the marked location and head over to Ace Barron to help him donate some of his own blood.

Helping Ace Barron Donate Blood


Once you to head over to Ace Barron, he will hand over a blood pack which you will take.


Ace Barron will sit down and you are to assist him to “carefully” help him donate blood and put it in the blood pack.

You will be prompted with the melee key instead of the use key to place the blood pack which may seem a bit weird.


Once you press the melee key, you will cut off his arm and you character will apologize but the blood pack will still be filled.

There is no other way to progress with the mission and you will eventually just cut his arm off anyway so process as normal.


Grab the blood pack from the ground which has been filled with Ace Barron’s blood.


Hand over the blood pack to Ace Barron and the mission will complete afterwards.

Healers And Dealers Mission Rewards


Upon completion of the mission, you will be rewarded with 834 cash along with a bonus reward which is a rare shield mod if you have completed the bonus objective.



  • Be sure to bring a vehicle as you will travel from location to location to gather the different medical supplies.
  • The bonus objective requires only 1000 cash which can easily be gained back and is recommended for additional rewards.
  • You won’t really have any hard enemies to deal with aside from the large group of ratch which should not be hard to kill but rather just a large quantity, easily taken out by grenades or strong weapons.
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