Porta Prison Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3


  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Lectra City
  • Level: 15

A bandit named Trashmouth has been locked in one of the portable bathrooms and asks for your help so that he can get out as he is now suffocating from the smell of his on feces.

You are tasked with finding a way to get him out of the “porto prison” as he is too stubborn to pay for the fees that he is being charged as he has also brought an illegal weapon with him inside.

Mission Walkthrough

Meeting Trashmouth


Once make contact with Trashmouth he will ask you for health in getting out of the portable bathroom as he claims he is being held captive.


Trashmouth instructs you to head over to his crew to ask them for help and they will turn out to be hostile and not give any concern for him.


Once you meet up with Trashmouth’s crew, they will immediately start engaging you and you are to kill all of them before being able to proceed with the next task.


Deal with all of Trashmouth’s crew so that you can take a can of spray paint from them which you will use later on.


After killing Trashmouth’s crew head over to the side where the spray paint is sitting and pick it up then head back to the portable bathroom.


Make your way back to the portable bathroom so that you can use the spray paint to vandalize the area to attract a sheriff bot.

Borderlands 3  Porta Prison Mission

Start vandalizing the area above the portable bathroom and spray on all of the marked locations.


After spraying the walls near the portable bathroom, a dirty cop bot, known as the sheriff bot will appear which you are to destroy afterwards.


Approach the sheriff bot and destroy him so that it drops its AI chip which you will use afterwards.


Once the sheriff bot has been destroyed head over to where it was and pick up the AI chip that it dropped.


Head over to the back of the portable bathroom and install the AI chip in the back to change the AI that is controlling it.


The AI chip will still contain the traits of the sheriff bot which will cause it to call back up robots to attack you.

Deal with the robots so that you and Trashmouth can come up with a new plan to get him out of the portable bathroom.


Trashmouth will tell you to destroy a part of the portable bathroom so that sewage will spill out in order to attract a recycler bot.


Once you soot the part, sewage will spill out and the recycler bot will come out of the nearby building.


Trashmouth will ask you to kill the bot and once you do it will drop an AI chip similar to the one that the sheriff bot dropped.


Pick up the AI chip that the recycler bot dropped and head over to the portable bathroom.


Just like what you did with the sheriff bot’s AI chip, install it in the back of the portable bathroom to activate it.


The recycler bot AI will follow its protocol and instead of releasing Trashmouth, the portable bathroom will blast off and head to a different location.


Fast travel to the Meridian Outskirts where the waypoint of the portable bathroom and Trashmouth is located.


Before heading out, grab a vehicle so you can get there faster as well as catch up for what lies ahead.


Head over to the location and you will see a vehicle carrying the portable bathroom that Trashmouth is still located in.


The AI will tell you to destroy the portable bathroom since Trashmouth is carrying a dangerous weapon which is exactly what you are to do next.


Destroy the vehicle that Trashmouth and the portable bathroom are being carried by and dismount to pick up the weapon he was carrying.


Pick up the weapon so that the mission will be completed so you can get your rewards as well as keep the illegal weapon.

Porta Prison Mission Rewards


After completing the mission, you will be awarded with around 1,313 cash and you will be able to keep the “Porta-Pooper 500” rare rocket launcher.



  • The mission requires you to face different enemies so be sure you have a sufficient amount of ammunition.
  • Fast travel right away after the portable bathroom blasts off so you don’t waste time travelling to the other map.
  • Be sure to grab a vehicle when chasing after the portable bathroom as chasing the vehicle holding it can be annoying if you are on foot.
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