Just Desserts Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

BL3 Side Mission Just Desserts

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Splinterlands – Pitt’s Stop
  • Level: 26

Beatrice needs your help preparing a cake and bringing it over to give it to the “Fist King” as it is his birthday.

You will be tasked with collecting the necessary ingredients as well delivering it as a gift from Beatrice to the Fist King.

Mission Walkthrough

After accepting the mission, the closest objective that Beatrice has asked you to handle is collecting a barrel of gunpowder which nearby, making it a good idea to grab that first.

You will need to go through a few bandits and head up a ladder where the “Gunpowder” is marked by a waypoint.

After grabbing the Gunpowder, head over to the next destination which is a spiderant nesting area where you will need to find eggs.

Take care of the spiderants inside and search for the destroyable eggs sacs that are scattered around the area.

There are a total of 3 egg sacs, 2 of which are on the higher areas and one at the bottom.

Each egg sac will contain 4 spiderant eggs but first you will need to find and destroy them, fending off any spiderants in the process.

Destroy the egg sacs and collect the “Spiderant Eggs” that drop from them and afterwards, head back to Beatrice.

Once you reach Beatrice, hand over the ingredients so she can start making her special cake for the Fist King.

While Beatrice heads inside to make the cake, she also asks you to grab some candles which are stored in another part of her home.

Grab the candles and bring them over to Beatrice and she will then tell you to collect the other parts of the cake.

Collect all 3 cake parts and Beatrice will then tell you to bring them all over to where the Fist King is so you can complete the delivery.

Drive over to the waypoint located on your map to reach the Fist King’s hideout and approach it so you can hand over the cake.

Beatrice will instruct you to assemble the cake and you will put the layers one by one as well as place the candles (dynamite) on it.

Once you have assembled the cake, Beatrice will have you ring the bell so that you can hand over the cake to the bandits inside.

The bandits will accept the cake for their Fist King and Beatrice tells you to light the dynamite and to send the cake to the Fist King.

After lighting the dynamite on the cake, use your melee attack to push the cart that the cake is on top of to send it over to the Fist King.

The bandits will sing a birthday song for the Fist King and afterwards, the cake will explode, making the Fist King exit and burn to death.

After you have successfully delivered Beatrice’s surprise for the Fist King, head back to her to complete the mission.

Just Desserts Mission Rewards

Finishing the Just Deserts mission will reward you with around 3,427 cash and the “Chocolate Thunder” rare grenade mod.


  • The Gunpowder Barrel is easy to collect and can be done either first or last by simply running through the area and up the stairs, allowing you to avoid fighting the bandits in the area.
  • There will be a lot of spiderants in their nesting area so be sure to have extra firepower to take them out.
  • Most of the mission requires you to just collect and deliver, making it an easy mission to complete but be sure to have a vehicle to avoid running far distances.
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