Let’s Get It Vaughn Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

BL3 Side Mission Let's Get It Vaughn

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Carnivora
  • Level: 26

Vaughn wants you to enter in a bandit game show so you can risk everything to win the game so that in exchange he might end up getting to date the game show host.

Your task will be to go up against another contestant in the bandit game show and win in order to give Vaughn his shot with the host while also trying to stay alive.

Mission Walkthrough

Once you accept the mission from Zahnzi Kall, she will open up the entrance to where the gameshow is being held and you will then enter to participate in her game show.

Follow Zahnzi Kall heading inside to where the game show will be held and make yourself towards the contestant area.

In order for the game show to begin, you will need to head over to your area which is opposite of your opposing contestant.

Zahnzi Kall will start murmuring gibberish and Vaughn will translate and tell you to hit a button which you can do by selecting any of the two as it is just a ready check.

There will be questions that are asked during the game show, some of that which Vaughn has tampered with, making him the obvious answer for most questions while the other answers are in favor of the Calypso twins.

The following are the questions and answers:

  • Which bandit throws the best murder parties? Vaughn the Ripped or Magdumb Opie (A)
  • Who is the most Pandoran overload of all time? Handsome Jack or Troy Calypso (B)
  • Who has the sexiest, most sculpted-est abs in the galaxy? Killavolt or Vaughn (B)
  • Who’s the most powerful Siren and also our savior and the image of perfection in every way. (B)
  • What eligible bandit bachelor sporting a sweet cape and abs of steel should Zahnzi totally go out on a date with? (Either A or B as they are both Vaughn)

During the game show, the audience will be complaining about the answers involving Vaughn and the opposing contestant will complain about you cheating.

Once the game show is over, the other contestant and the crowd will turn hostile and you will need to kill them before proceeding with the quest.

After killing all the other bandits in the game show room, head over to Zahnzi to speak with her and help Vaughn deliver his “message” to get her to go out with him.

Speak with Zanzhi and wait for Vaughn to ask you to talk about him which your character does in a shorter version of what Vaughn asks you to say and afterwards, the mission will be completed.

Let’s Get It Vaughn Mission Rewards

Once you finish the Let’s Get It Vaughn mission, you will receive around 3,427 cash and the “Itsy Bitsy Rakky Hive” rare weapon trinket.


  • Regardless of your answers, you will still need to fight off the bandits in the game show room to proceed with the mission.
  • Answering the questions correctly will cause loot to be dropped in front of you for each question you answer.
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