Dynasty Diner Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Diner

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet:Promethea
  • Location: Meridian Metroplex
  • Level: 12

After you have just finished the Rise and Grind mission, Lorelei will need you to help them out with their food problem and bring a certain someone’s burger business back on its feet.

You task will be to locate Beau, the owner of the Dynasty Diner and help him restore his business so that he can supply the Atlas forces with delicious burgers.

Mission Walkthrough

Locating The Dynasty Diner’s Owner


You first task will be to head over to the diner owner, Beau who has hidden himself after Maliwan took over his diner and used it to supply their troops with burgers.

Be sure to grab a vehicle so you can get to Beau’s location faster and to use its weapons to clear any enemies that get in your way.

Clearing Up The Dynasty Diner


Beau will tell you to clear out the Maliwan that have taken over his diner and you will need to drive over and clear them out.

Starting Up The Diner


After clearing out the enemies in the diner head down inside so you can begin to start up the diner.


Locate the button that will spawn the burger bot which is located by a waypoint that you should be able to see once Beau ha finished talking, located at the bottom of the stairs heading down the diner.

Resupplying The Meat Source


The diner will appear to have run out of meat sample which you will need to collect ratch meat from the nearby ratch den.


Begin by killing ratch larva and simply kill all the small ratches around until you draw out the ratch nest which will drop the meat sample that you need.


After you kill 3 ratch larva, the ratch nest will be drawn out and you will need to kill it to acquire the meat sample.

This will be quite hard to kill if your weapons don’t deal enough damage so be sure to bring strong weapons to speed things up.


Upon killing the ratch nest, pick up the ratch meat that will be used as a meet sample for the burgers at the diner.


Head back to the diner and place the meat sample to be digiscanned and head back to the button at the bottom of the stairs to spawn the burger bot.

Tracking Down Archer Rowe


The burger bot will not respond well to Beau and it will instead head to Archer Rowe who has been a big problem for Lorelei.


Lorelei will instruct you to follow the burger bot so that you can kill Archer Rowe once and for all as well as get the burgers from the bot.


Along the way to Archer Rowe, you will encounter enemies that block your path, causing the burger bot to go crazy and toss burgers around.

You will have to clear the path so the burger bot can proceed to its destination, leading you to Archer Rowe.


There will be two incidents where the path to Archer Rowe will be blocked and you will have to kill all enemies to proceed.


Once you arrive to the location where Archer Rowe has been hiding, the burger bot will tell him that the delivery has arrived and Archer Rowe will be lured out.

Fight Archer Rowe and kill him along with his friends to proceed with the mission but be careful as Archer Rowe may deal a large amount of damage and the use of cover is strongly advised.

Delivering The Dynasty Meal


After Archer Rowe and his friends have been defeated, grab the Dynasty Meal and make your way back to the Watershed base to hand it over to Lorelei.


Talk to Lorelei who is waiting at the base and she will then have a short dialogue follow by the quest being completed.

Dynasty Mission Rewards


Completing the Dynasty Diner mission will reward you with 935 cash as well as a rare rocket launcher called the “Gettleburger” which fires out burgers.



  • Maliwan troops are stronger than bandits and have shields that make them slightly harder to kill so it’s a good idea to aim for weak spots and avoid fighting them out in the open if there are several targeting you.
  • Bringing a vehicle with you is a good idea to help you clear out Maliwan troops whenever possible to save ammo as well as kill enemies faster.
  • Archer Rowe is a lot stronger than most enemies and will take some time to kill so be sure to have strong weapons with you and aim for his weak spot which is the ball-like object on his back.
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