Discover the Trial of Discipline: Location, Boss & More

Borderlands 3 Discover the Trial of Discipline

The Trial Of Discipline is usually the third trial that most player come by which seems to still be among one of the easiest, seeing that the Maliwan enemies are pretty easy to defeat.

Most enemies you would find in Promethea will be on in the proving grounds for this trial and they can easily be killed.



The Trial Of Discipline can be accessed once you head for the Precipice Anchor during the Discover The Trial Of Discipline which can be found in the Meridian Outskirts.


Area 1


Once you enter the first area, there will be several different types of troopers attacking you in the area such as med troopers, flash troopers, assault troopers and even jet troopers.


There will be at least one heavy Maliwan enemy as well in the area which spawns in along with the other troopers when you fight your way through them.

Area 2


When you reach the second area, enemies will be stationed defensively and will be waiting for your arrival.

There will be more heavy units than the first area which may prove to be quite dangerous, especially if there are different elements present.


Additionally, there will be hoplites such as the normal mechs as well as more advanced versions such as a reaper that will appear to kill you.

Area 3


When you reach the third area, more enemies will be spawning in and they will have stronger weapons and compliment each other due to the mixture of heavy and light enemies.


An addition to the combinations of Maliwan troops, there will be nogs appearing to assist the other Maliwan troops by providing support such as shielding or helping their allies kill you.


Arbalest Of Discipline


A powerful hoplite or mech named the Arbalest Of Discipline will be the final boss, using attacks similar to the hoplite to destroy you.


Reducing its health to a fatal level will cause it to become immune and start replenish its health while also becoming more wild or unstable during the fight.



  • The Arbalest Of Discipline can easily be taken out with powerful critical hits around its back or torso near its lesser armored areas as well as using corrosive damage for its armor.
  • Maliwan troops with shield will suffer greatly from shock weapons while its health can easily be dealt with shooting weak spots or using damage over time status effect weapons.
  • Some of the enemies will deal a lot of damage due to Maliwan’s high tech but usage of the covers as well as high ground in certain areas may quickly turn the tide.
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