Discover the Trial of Cunning: Location, Boss & More

Borderlands 3 Discover the Trial of Cunning

The Trial Of Cunning mission is the second Eridian Proving Ground mission that you may encounter during your late game in Borderlands 3.

Strangely during the whole mission, you will be facing tinks and other enemies that are similar in size or related or involving tinks.



The Trial Of Cunning is located in the Ghostlight Beacon which is found later on when you do the Discover The Trial Of Cunningin the Splinterlands back on Pandora.


Area 1


Just like all areas, the first area will contain a huge amount of tinks in it, so you can pretty much expect a lot of laughter and crazy tiny little voices during the fight.

Most of the tinks will be killable with one or a few shots to the head as they will mostly be unarmored unless badass tinks would spawn.


Later on, after you are near clearing out the first area, a lil’ goliath will spawn which is basically the tink version of a normal sized goliath.

Area 2


In the second area, there will be stronger normal tinks as well as badass tinks and some of them may even have more advanced weapons that use higher technology or even have elemental damage.


Hags or Gale Hags which are heavily armored enemies that tinks ride on as they shoot at you from the back of their mobile armored tanky ally.

Area 3


In the third area, you will encounter a severely large amount of tinks which may seem to be overwhelming.

You will have to rotate the whole area, killing groups of tinks until you have cleared all of them out.


The tinks will be stronger in this area and some will even be badass and attempt to create sentry turrets that may fire at you.


Tink Of Cunning


The Tink Of Cunning is no more than just a sturdier version of a badass tank who usually just fires at you with their assault rifle or throws explosive every now and then.


Upon the depletion of its health, the Tink Of Cunning will regenerate all lost health one time and start fighting you again without much change other than the noticeable change in movement patterns.



  • It is very easy to kill tinks and you can discard several in seconds by simply aiming at their heads or blasting them with powerful weapons.
  • If the tinks become too overwhelming, retreat to a different location so you can lure them to become closer to each other and easier to kill.
  • Don’t fight when you are surrounded by tinks, they will eventually damage you from all sides but instead just lure them and deal with them without any behind your back or at your side.
  • Pay attention to a sentry that is placed by a tink as it can later on deal a large amount of damage.
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