Discover the Trial of Survival: Location, Boss & More

Borderlands 3 Discover the Trial of Survival

The Trial Of Survival mission is one of the first Eridian Proving Ground missions that you may encounter once you hit level 50 and most likely have finished the game.

During the mission you will be put against enemies from Pandora which mostly consists of the wildlife, meaning you will be facing skags, spiderants and varkids.



The Trial Of Survival can be found in the Gradient Of Dawn which can be reached once you have visited after doing the Discover The Trial Of Survival mission back at Devil’s Razor on Pandora.


Area 1


Once you enter the first area, you will be facing spiderants and varkids which will be spawning at the same time.


When you have almost finished all the enemies, a Spiderant Queen will spawn which you must kill before moving to the next area.

Area 2


In the second area, several skags will be spawning continuously but there will also be varkids appearing in every now and then.


There is also a high chance for elemental and even badass skags to spawn into the area which will bring an even greater challenge.

Area 3


The third and last area will be a combination of varkids, spiderants and a few skags which will spawn in at different times.

Varkids will pretty much spawn most of the time along other creatures or even by themselves.


At the end of the third area you will encounter a Spiderant King which has the ability to pull you towards its location.

It is advised to take caution when facing it since dragging you can put you in a bad spot which does not only make you vulnerable to the Spiderant King but to other enemies as well.


Skag of Survival


The Skag Of Survival is the final boss that you fight in the Trial Of Survival mission which is similar to a badass elemental skag.


Upon having its health depleted for the first time, the Skag Of Survival will replenish its health and even change its element into another one.



  • The Skag Of Survival can change its elements when it recovers health after being depleted once, making it wise to bring more than 2 different elements or a strong physical weapon.
  • Varkids and spiderants can easily be killed by shooting their weak points which are their metasoma or posterior parts.
  • Don’t be threatened by the larger spiderants in the areas as they can easily be killed after they do an attack and let their weak spots become exposed.
  • Just like any for any other skag, the Skag Of Survival does have a weak spot which can be hit usually by aiming for the head.
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