Fire in the Sky Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Fire in the Sky Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Nekrotafeyo
  • Location: Desolation’s Edge
  • Level: 36

Since Typhon DeLeon has passed, his companion robots feel it is necessary to do something in honor of his name.

Your mission will be to help the robots set up a rocket with Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs to be launched up in the sky.

Mission Walkthrough

Collecting The Rocket Parts and Detonator


After receiving the mission, you will need to collect rocket parts that will be used to deliver his ECHO log into the sky.

Collect all 3 parts that will be needed to build the rocket that are placed inside the research center.


Once you have acquired all of the 3 parts, you will need to pick up the detonator which will be used to launch the rocket.

Finding Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO Logs


Head over to a location surrounded with Maliwan forces which you will need to clear out and continue making your way to search for Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs.


Fight through all of the enemies and clear the location of all enemies once you reach it to proceed with the mission.


Once of the Maliwan enemies in the area will be holding on to one of Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs which means you need to kill him.

After killing him, pick up the ECHO log and head over to the next waypoint to collect the next one.


As you proceed toward the next waypoint which leads to the second ECHO log, you will notice it on top of a platform which you will need to shoot in order to force it to fall to the ground.


Either climb up to the area or shoot it from where you are standing so that it will fall to the ground below it.


Once the ECHO log has fallen to the ground, pick it up and head over to the next waypoint to get the third one.


Upon arriving at the waypoint, an Omega Mantakore will be waiting which you must kill in order to obtain the third ECHO log.


After the Omega Mantokore has been killed, the ECHO log should appear nearby and you will need to pick it up to proceed to the next part of the mission.

Setting Up The Rocket


Head over to the location marked by a waypoint and put the rocket together piece by piece.


Insert the 3 ECHO logs that you have collected recently into the newly constructed rocket which will be launched with it into the sky.


After the rocket has been built and set up for take-off, head over to the waypoint and place the detonator which you will use to fire it into the sky.

Launching The Rocket


Use the detonator and the rocket will be launched into the air, fulfilling the requests of Typhon DeLeon’s companions.


Once the rocket has been launched and successfully detonated in the sky, head back to Typhon DeLeon’s companions and speak with them to end the mission.

Fire In The Sky Mission Rewards


After you finish the Fire In The Sky mission, you will be rewarded with around 10,644 cash.



  • All areas may be run through, aside from those that need to be cleared as specified in certain objectives.
  • The Omega Mantakore isn’t a very powerful enemy and can easily be killed by keeping a good distance from it as well as shooting it with strong weapons.
  • You will fight several Maliwan enemies so using shock and incendiary weapons can prove to deal a lot of damage to them.
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